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Expert explanation: how to choose the "one-on-one" tutoring

Classic case

Beijing has a family, parents are very good economic conditions, but math is a problem, often hovering at between twenty or thirty minutes. Parents seek help from one-on-one tutoring, "money is not a problem, find me a teacher, it is best to contend, if you participated in the college entrance examination (microblogging) marking, how much money and will. ”

some efforts, such teacher finally found one, is a key middle school math teacher. Parents spent more than 30,000 yuan, to 1000 Yuan/lessons learned the price of one phase, results of children's performance increased from 30 to 32 minutes, parents are very angry, rage against the family institution is "wearing the teacher Wolf in sheep's clothing!"

case study

many parents are willing to spend heavily on investment in education, but choosing too blind, suffer from "famous superstition syndrome" that the teacher will be able to solve the problem of children. Some tutoring agencies blindness is the use of parents, commitments to significantly improve student achievement, and recruit students.

there are two issues here: first, teachers are scarce, is not looking to find and, secondly, teachers often come from schools, school students ' learning motivation, good study habits, teachers teaching methods may not be appropriate for all children.


student achievement is improving by 3 efforts: teachers can teach and students love to learn, parents meet. How to choose a more formal "one-on-one" training body? Look at two main points: 1, formal educational institutions generally do not play the teacher card; formal education does not go against the law of education, promises to significantly "points", "schools", and so on.