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Baby love mother voluntarily after posting table guilt tutors to reflect on

on behalf of the daughter of two braids, a braid representative mom. translating


on behalf of the daughter of two braids, a braid representative of the mother. Translated, "MOM, I'm in love with you, do you love me".  

The morning, daughter, leave a note for me, which is the title of West Temple last post yesterday seemingly unimportant. Posting personal things, a 6 year old daughter's hand, but she was surprised, after a while, daughter handed me a piece of paper. May be little girls still do not write, post reporters saw people upload pictures, except for "mother" and "do" three words, Chinese characters, others use pictures instead. Translated, "MOM, I'm in love with you, do you love me" girl pure sentiment and puerile, calligraphy and painting, drew more than 30,000 page views, 7-page thread, users are moved at the same time, also reflecting on the young parents ' education.   Yangtse evening post journalist   Tracy

Internet post restore

voluntarily after daughter was "love," his mother touched

recently,  xici Netizen "Cheng Yu" post to share something between her and her daughter. That morning, because some trifles, called her daughter's Palm, and then mother and daughter is sulking, who never speak to anyone. Scene but then let my mother moved to the deep. "My dad came in and gave me a piece of paper, said his daughter wrote, I took a look, is the" Netizen "Cheng Yu" then upload a picture. Journalists at first and don't understand, upper crooked writing two words "MOM", seems to be behind two avatars wearing braids, as well as the "heart" of graphics.

"I translate: ' MOM, I love you, you love me ',2 the braids on her behalf, 1 braid on my behalf. "Daughter this young painting her nose-acid, suddenly feel than a child understand," her mind was so exquisite, but I blame her for every little thing. "Under the guilt, she immediately went to the living room, his daughter in his arms in apology," my mother just shouldn't lose my temper, I'm sorry. " 6 years old daughter graciously admit "I should have listened to my mother", and don't have any negative emotions to go to kindergarten.

user discussion

moved by the girl's simple   many mothers reflect on their own family too impatient

landlord described this scene has touched countless users, attracting more than 30,000 hits. More than more than 300 comments almost all said they were moved to tears by simple and generous girl, envy you have a sensible clever daughter. User "cool month heart" does not hide his envy, "such a good girl, is the landlord's blessing, my tears were too low, eyes are a bit wet. "" In fact, without looking at the text, I know the meaning of figure, it is very touching Ah, tears all around, "Netizen" prodigal sister-in-law "fortunate to also have a sensible good sweet girl.

this post also gave rise to a group of young parents ' criticism. Netizen echolulu said to regret after the angry daughter. Shiying17 came home with a child, "my daughter actually is pretty good, but I always get irritated with her." "I also played daughter ass last night, because her old bed, rolled over in bed to turn to, blame all day today." Another mother with Reflection. "I should reflect on, my daughter is 1 week, I lose my temper very often hit her hard and she, I am not a good mother! "Post almost every mother in the reflection in their usual rough.

many netizens believe that we cannot underestimate a child's wisdom, "the child's mind is spotless, us adults are in the shade, often we're educating our children, but the real education is our own. "Follower" classics "now in society, in terms of children when parents appear irritable, impatient," parents have to mind is! ”

post mother of daughters in the future as far as possible not to make angry

Netizen zqhcbm think the landlord "Cheng Yu" daughter while frustrated, resulting in negative emotions, but also is willing to communicate with you, it is not easy. "In this case the child can't gross, to use rational thinking to treat children. "Friends" middle monkey "recommend" you want to beat your children the moment, stop for 3 seconds, or hit him with regret. Never spank their children, forever trying to outsmart. ”

there are many netizens reminded "Cheng Yu" next time when you scold the daughter, think of this note. In this regard, she said, "daughter of that phrase has stuck in my mind, as far as possible in the future not to make angry, in fact children which had not. "She memories daughter actually also is is sensible of, Qian two days home just for daughter had has six age birthday, is buy has a birthday cake, night Lane has a table dish, daughter 6 years of birthday," she also has never not mention what requirements, has a birthday cake, she on very happy has, "daughter in this year birthday Shang Xu of May is" hope mother body health, Dad work smooth, mother-in-law long centenarians, father-in-law returns ", four sentence words actually no a is on she himself of.