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Qinglong Mountain Park has a bronze culture in the English language tutor introduces visitors to

The morning of 24th, a group of children in the Qinglong Mountain Park Lake with interactive, interesting and lively scene attracted many tourists watched.

the scene, Susan English tutor introduces visitors to Daye's bronze culture.  

the morning of 24th, a group of 7-to 13-year-olds in the Qinglong Mountain Park the Lake introduce themselves in English, telling stories, holding English handmade cards in the game, fun and lively scene attracted many tourists watched.

Susan is an English tutor. She uses English to talk with parents and children to interact and 2 Hubei normal university students John , Jame Daye introduced bronze culture. Come to the English corner of Mr Frederick FUNG Classic kids learning English only for a year, he told a story not fluent pronunciation: "Before very long very long time......" amused laughter.

subsequently, the children gathered in a semi-circle to do Apple squat game, a card into the hands of children, teachers with a password, we quickly stood up and squatted down, some children were praised, breaches were children being sent off.

"this opportunity is very rare, recreation, children tend to accept it. "Von classic dad informative English corner said, he hopes to have more children to participate in such activity.

Susan teacher through a local Web site English corner posts will call for free, "even though there aren't many people who participated in the activities, mainly this way to give children the opportunity to students to communicate in English, and their proficiency in English. ”