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Chaoyang District, Beijing will issue more than copies of "family commitments"

Beijing, Chaoyang District, official publication of the children's parental guidance manual for 3-6, the "tutor outlining" the recent priority-oriented rural kindergartens in the area, street, community and who are here to work distribution among parents of infants, the number at around 10,000 copies.  

this Handbook of child nutrition and health, physical development, mental health and family environment of integration seeks to help parents understand the full 3-6 children's physical and psychological development characteristics and laws of science to raise and promote the healthy development of the child, which specifically includes "3-6 age characteristics of child psychological development", "prevention and treatment of injury in children" and so on.  

with the increasing migrant population, family education guidance of growing demand, Chaoyang District. Currently, only the pingfang Township had 100,000 migrants, migrants outnumber the kindergarten's capacity. Moreover, the floating population's living conditions, differences in cultural background and local residents, we need concrete and feasible recommendations.  

after following the Handbook of the 3-6 parental guidance for children, family education guidance center of Chaoyang District will be edited and published in succession the pregnancy instruction manual, the 0-3 child parent Handbook parent Handbook of children and the 6-12, the 15-18 child parent Handbook, the family education guidance manual, provide specific guidance of family education for parents.  

it was also learned, Chaoyang District, more than more than 10 schools, a pilot family education guidance of kindergarten are "Instant Messenger", that is, by way of school work, such as QQ, a letter, and sends the correct parenting for parents on a regular basis. For content and gradually perfected, will be replicated in all public primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the area.