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Shenyang, "the machines" popular tutoring market

Parents consulted the staff warmly robot teacher knowledge.

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we all heard of robots playing chess, breakdance, you've heard of the robot teacher, heard the robot tutor, heard about robots helping their children with homework?

on March 26, in Heping District, Shenyang wulihe city a hundred square meters of commercial and residential apartment, several parents excited eyes, tightly pegged to the computer screen, watching a robot tutor performance to solve problems.

within minutes, more than 10 junior high school geometry problems immediately after the computer had been solved. The answer is not important for several parents, they are most interested in is the kind of progressive ways of solving problems, such as carefully as each question "peel" was clear. "Robots, God! Too professional! "A parent can not help but excited.

strange, is there really a robot when tutor?

in fact, the parents say, robots, accurate names should be "smart home", as long as you put the math problem into a computer, within a few minutes of intelligent tutors will give detailed problem-solving ideas together, similar questions and answers tell you. Its high level, questions of accuracy and speed, inspiring strong, General tutor is no way to compare.

it is understood that the robots entered the Shenyang market at the beginning of this year, its research and development unit for XI ' an added Software Ltd, the world's first. Just three months time, giant robots raises Shenyang tutoring market strong shocks, nearly a day on average parents to experience witnessing the presence of robots, and as of March 20, Shenyang has more than 1300 families of parents are using robots, helping their children with homework, speed of its development, the education sector who raised eyebrows in the industry.

and tutor and teacher tutoring than ordinary college students, robots, what is the charm of this? Reporters trying to give parents a simple analysis:

personal: anytime, anywhere service

in Shenyang, ordinary family counselling children with more than 10 times a month, more often, ordinary family cannot afford. Meet no problem when children learn, no one pointing is common. Robots are different, her anytime, anywhere at your side, you can ask her, like a teacher every day with you, guiding you, as long as you have a computer with Internet access can, very useful and timely.

specialty: group counselling to ensure a high level

many parents wonder, good robots, can equal those famous teachers do? Really makes you say you after you enter the computer problem, she will be able to simulate the thinking of teachers ' counselling. Teachers are just one person, robots, the background is made up of over 200 professional whiz, but after ten years of research and development, accumulation and innovation to create robots, today this sort of magical "powers". These whiz at doing nothing every day, is constantly in problem-solving, frankly speaking they are group counseling, and General tutoring individual combat than grade level terms.

features: a question, a kind of problem

,  for the questions raised by the students, robots, instead of simply telling students the answer, but the way step by step tips step by step to guide the students to solve the problem. Reflection, after completing the solution of exercises, relevant knowledge and other feature that allows students to do a question, a kind of problem. "Wrong" feature automatically records student the questions to help students find deficiencies. Robots, not only can all the exercises from books, and be able to solve problems, both equations is a function or even algebraic geometry geometry add guides, exam comprehensive questions, these math problems (currently limited to the junior high school), she can be resolved in a timely manner. She is not a classroom again, is not a Bank, does not occupy a lot of extra time, she is the students ' problem-solving tool.

cheap: spending less than 300 yuan per month

currently Shenyang tutoring market include the student tutor, part of the College or school teachers. More than 90% of Shenyang city middle and high school parents are looking for a tutor, spend a minimum of more than six hundred or seven hundred Yuan a month on average. Robots, spending 300 yuan per month less than annual consumption will be lower. We list below a simple table is for reference only (see table).

according to the reporter, Shenyang tutoring market has many problems, parents find a good tutor is very difficult. One parent told reporters: "we are looking for tutors, many of which are familiar to parents privately recommended, someone's" teacher "good reception, the tutor will recommend to share. "But there are problems, others say may not be appropriate for their children. Tutoring is good in others, were said to his home a few days do not fit, had to be dismissed.

the emergence of robots, and Shenyang will be tutoring a new turning point in the market.

correspondent   strong

intelligent tutoring times really here!

any strong

for many parents and students, the "smart" this phrase though and is not relevant, high-tech gadgets, after all, ordinary people very far away from us, what intelligent robots, intelligent management system, life is not that common.

but this may not be the same when people accustomed to smart phones, smart TV concept, accidentally, I suddenly found around another intelligent tutor, and the "smart" guy of the nearest, is a personal tutor.

Yes, this is really not the same, parents are also used to find or famous teachers and college students (fee is Artemis high! ) Tutor, but when you are used to when a smart tutor, you will suddenly find that college students tutoring in the knowledge system of integrity and professional levels, ability to solve problems and counselling aspects, in terms of continuity of service and at any time, really there is no way and intelligent tutoring.

then, in less than a year's time, intelligent tutors throughout the country suddenly fire up, into a sweet pastry in the eyes of the parents and the students. Expert counselling standards, nanny services, as well as low price, the most important point is that children ought to be less tired in the sea after a hard, doing one can extrapolate, ingenious.

so, intelligent tutors also became a school teacher in the eyes of the meat and potatoes, because they finally can class their children learning burden.

then, as if the entire education community is cheering!

life in the age of smart kids are really happy, intelligent tutoring like a teacher, her parents and children can at any time ask the teacher for advice. Just know how to use learning problems are less tired, learning can be a very relaxing and happy thing.

smart tutor from afar from afar? Keep the children happy and healthy from afar?

Let us cheer hands intelligent tutoring times come!