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College tutor to the 3 children laughing

Parents of child's learning has always been highly concerned about things, whether it's disabled mother cow Lady, still juggling their sick daughter childcare the grandson of Uncle Leung. Yesterday, 5 enthusiastic students from Tianjin Normal University for two families sent to smile, they become tutor of 3 children.

three college girls   helped little sisters

"my daughter and I are very excited, sorrow for so long is difficult, this was finally solved. "The afternoon of March 24, when reporters came to cow her, she was studying to accompany his two daughters," them from the early morning, this advance will do a job wrote, singling out don't understand, waiting for the teacher. "14:00, Tianjin Normal University, Zhang Xinwan, Shan said, Xu Xin came to Niu's, they'll be the tutor of two girls, in the next semester, help children finish grade curriculum.

"we will try to contact with two girls in the early, at the same time they are familiar with, but also to learn more about courses. "Zhang Xinwan said that while she and two other sophomore sisters do not know, but they will make every effort to help the two little girls.

see grandson   Grandpa

living Uncle Leung Jing XING XI Li China-zone, Hexi District, who is 68 this year. Every day taking care of diabetes mellitus complications lose ability's daughter, also worry about my grandson's. Uncle LEONG's grandson in primary six grade, math and English scores also improved on. Uncle Leung said he was most looking forward to now is for someone to give a child tutorial 3 months of lessons. Yesterday afternoon, Yang Xiaofan and ren Yu from the normal two students come to Uncle Leung had communication with the grandson of Uncle Leung. Look at grandsons in the company of two college students learn seriously, uncle Leung had been nodding and smiling.

help   tricycle for sale point is hard to find persons with disabilities

"the happiness project" in the reader registration, there are many physical disabilities, they have said on the phone, hoping to have a special tricycle for persons with disabilities.

disabled readers in the elder sister said, "something is wrong with my legs, only at home. I'm going to buy a disability tricycle, better go with my wife. But a lot of places, I just couldn't. "Like sister Liu could not find many readers with disabilities to the point of sale. If you have information on the trike sales persons with disabilities, can call 28201828, we strive to complete your happy wishes for readers with disabilities as soon as possible.