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Volunteers are unpaid for more than 2,400 students Wu Qingshan: poor children free tutoring

for 8 years, he formed "the May Fourth love school" to provide free tutoring services for more than more than 2,400 was originally poor students; development of college student volunteers from more than 10 to thousands of people, voluntary service expanded from local to national. He was from Anhui Normal University graduate Wu Qingshan in teaching Chinese as a foreign.


goodbye Wu Qingshan, first interview has been in the past 3 years, he is slightly overweight than before, but pedantic a bright smile still on his face. "May Fourth love school? "" Also, now mainly guidance and volunteer work. "Wu Qingshan laughing, time flies, founded the school for 8 years.

once by chance, reading in the Chinese Department of Anhui Normal University's Wu Qingshan understands that school is located in Wuhu city, many old quarters, poor, single parent families, and children's learning generally can't keep up. "To help them, how good? "Wu Qingshan just do, with classmates, contacting the first community.

on December 11, 2004, the sky, the sound of the rain, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Wu Qingshan and a ride to the community more than 10 volunteers, began the first tutoring session.

However, things are not so easy. Free tutors work hard, tedious is not said fees also have their own subsidies, in front of difficulties, had dampened the enthusiasm of many people, a tutor for the first time, the volunteers went a long.

"why don't you? "Community leaders questioned.

"make sure you adhere to, just left me alone. "Wu Qingshan patting his chest guarantee.

he gave himself this "family" name "May Fourth love school." "Is to remind ourselves, be sure to really do this thing! "That year, Wu Qingshan has just reached the age of 20, he kept going, 3 years after the second year, Wu Qingshan all weekend spent at Community tutoring classes, in 3 years, the changing seasons, never lacking for a lesson. In order to let "May Fourth love school" to benefit the community, Wu Qingshan rest time, in Wuhu city communities of new teaching, bus stop overripe in mind in order to maintain "May Fourth love school", Wu Qingshan leaving only the subsistence minimum per month, amateur jobbing took all the money and scholarships to support their "love school" ... ...

Wu Qingshan why insist? He was born poor, 40 square metres of grass huts, several acres of Usuda, is his only asset. Strong's father, tried to move the House, and his brother to go to school. Despite this, poverty still makes this family had to make a choice, studious brother enter a key had to drop out of high school, will be a valuable opportunity to Wu Qingshan.


"lens two"

when 14-year old Hu Pengfei speech contest at the community organizations, bravely took to the front desk, Granny Zhang Lihua couldn't believe it: this is the home of the introverted kid you? "In the future, I want to be a teacher, school teacher I love love to more people. "Hu Pengfei said, the audience burst into applause.

Yin Jiashan community of caring about Tao Jiaqun, Jinghu district under the guidance of teachers, journalists came to the junior high school student Li's home. See journalists came, silently disabled father back in the back room on crutches, told reporters next to the mother, family reasons lead to the introvert, but love the school teacher's help, children not only performance has improved, has a lot more outgoing character. "What are your goals? "" Go to College! "Li said with determination.

8 years, "May Fourth love school" has more than more than 4,400 volunteers for more than 2,400 more than was originally poor students with tens of thousands of hours of free tutoring services. Love relay "May Fourth love school" career flourished.

love, not only spreading in Wuhu, extends to the whole country. The summer of 2011, "the May Fourth love school" mobilized more than more than 1000 volunteers into the countryside, into the community, supporting farmers.

a small letter, in childish handwriting, tells Ming Guang Xiang Ma Aifeng pupils from tengchong, Yunnan province thanks: "I am a child lives in a remote mountain village, I would like to read, Miss, Miss! …… Just when I need the most help, caring school teacher reached out a helping hand, I will not live up to your expectations, to study harder. ”

Wu Qingshan said every thank you, volunteers are as cherished as a treasure, becoming "May Fourth love school" persist and grow in spiritual support.

"scene three"

every weekend at 6 in the morning, when the roommates are still sleeping, college students in the Chinese Department of Anhui Normal University guobing Qing will get up on time, tiptoed wash, take the bus, transfer, took 1 hour, arrived at the East Gate community school. The changing seasons, children not only her students in the community, became worried about her.

in an interview, Wu Qingshan invites journalists to write "May Fourth love school" and the volunteers, "the May Fourth love school, and earlier is no longer my personal behavior, is a large group of selfless dedication of volunteers. ”

"why is everyone so persistent? "The reporter asked.

"in addition to hard work, is dull, but it makes us feel worthwhile, we touched each other, let us have the passion. "Several accept interview of volunteers said: some volunteers, a car on motion sickness, is can turned several trip bus, to most far of suburb door tutor; each Friday, to lessons, volunteers are stayed up late discussion, tired has, on in desk Shang lying while; although hand constraints, but volunteers of toll, and rice fee almost are is himself pay, met family difficult of children, often also will generously......

Zhang Lei, and Ding Li, and Wan ting, Jiang Shijun, and Liu jianquan, Chen Chen, and Wang Ya week ... ... This is the collective of "May Fourth love school" principal's name, with the end of College, everyone had to leave the school, but this love has been passed down. "May Fourth love school" volunteers, "love school" concept has been, it is that love, dedication, persistence. "We are not doing a big deal, just thought it was a responsibility of contemporary college students, I believe that this love will continue to relay. "Incumbent" May Fourth love school "head Wu Hui said.

Wu Qingshan 2009 Anhui Normal University, was admitted to the teaching of Chinese graduate students back to school after the first thing, is to go back to the "May Fourth love school", a regular volunteer. He, together with volunteers, established the "May Fourth love school" logs, selection and employment regulations, one on one help system. In April 2010, under his initiative, "May Fourth love school" launched the May Fourth love Foundation, the first raise charity funds of more than 6,000 yuan to finance poor students to read. "May Fourth love school is no longer run volunteer organization 8 years ago with passion, but passed down a love platform. "Wu Qingshan believes that" in this way, even if we leave school, don't have to worry about its development. ”