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Loyalty: children are born

I said earlier, mention here: Fu cheng men NEI da Jie, Xicheng District Beijing miaoyingsi 400 meters away in the Northwest Portico West Main Street, is a North-South alley, five metres wide, lane almost always longer than 500 meters (someone seems to have actual measurements, said that total length of 475 metres). Our primary school is located in an alley under the West Gallery central place by the South, the Road East to the West.

       our primary school on the front door of the Red House   "under the West Gallery alley 34th"   these words, so far. In front of me, here is the old House of Blues "under the West Gallery alley 8th." North side of the school, our school next door – close to the North wall of the Portico West primary school, is a East-West a short dead end, approximately sanshilai metres long. Live in a old neighbor in our school and surrounded by a great before and after the founding of intellectual called "Ma Shilu."   Heard he was after the victory of the liberation war, beiping "University"   law graduate of. The older man, educated, rare.

        during the cultural revolution, where the wind blows, country the bad, or even a celebration or something, has to pull Ma Shilu, to school teachers and students in the Assembly or street, organs and units and denounced it. It's like gone, and shanzhai King of demons led by offering to kill before the war flag, vibration to morale. People of our generation, in the Chairman Mao personally initiated and led by the "great proletarian cultural revolution", and regularly watch such political campaigns. For example: I on saw see had at of Beijing Mayor that cultural revolution end Hou of National Standing Committee, Chairman of the Peng Zhen, in we homes North 300 meters far of officer Park Stadium criticized; see had founding Hou of ten marshal one of, and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Chen Yi full Beijing was parade; see had Luton residential was red guards are arrived; see had what home compound of men and women young was tied in with took rope led with parade. Always a tortured them black and blue, hit with bricks, sticks and belts ending flat, demolished just kills you with today's practice. Kill a few lives, have always been with us, really no different than to kill a bug. Kill the bugs in our continent will never need to have them pay!   More no one is going to be such a bloody waste of similar belonging to crime, is sinning. Looking back, vividly, is miserable. The so-called "cultural revolution", what a beautiful word, but mediocre!

       but above all, I am most impressed by, this is the most unique:  Ma Shilu was pulled, never surrender, no matter how you beat him, no matter how you criticize, not bow, rather then be knocked out, shoot back, but unbowed. As if his neck, his knees, no longer any joints up and down, it will not bend. Ma Shilu has a than I high one or two grade of son, to I of impression deeper, let I has unforgettable:  he small age, each was pulled out peibang was playing, and was trial, strongly station in he dad side, unafraid of, face storm like of beat and have been influenced by like of roar, and o asked, a sentence sold he Dad of treachery, and not loyalty unfilial, and lossy personality, and live words are not said, rather ignored all, ironclad with he dad peibang to died, never bend any mercy. You know, my alumni, was ten years old at that time!   I closed his eyes, still remembers his closed lips, mouth bleeds, physique upright, childlike style of breaks my heart, has been steadfast in noble spirit in the sky, just awesome!   What a pair of ......  my pictures from the red terror, also secretly learned what the tumultuous times of little character and noble spirit of life.

        after many years, I always wanted to understand their situation, because they are not considered human. So, I use Baidu and Google over and over again to retrieve them, there is nothing gained.