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Against a teacher in paid tutoring, Kwong plugging it

Watch evening news reports of the headteacher paid classes were suspended, as a teacher, was mixed.

of course, the violation of rules by coming to you, because industry has provided, in General, cannot facilitate access to professional or organization on its own selfish interests. Because the "get extra income" is likely to result in loss of benefits. Referring to both tangible assets, intangible assets, such as personal effort of manual, there are "8 hours of outside interests" and their "within 8 hours of service and quality" diminished risk, so the Suppression of this phenomenon from various industries, such as in education, health, and scientific research units or organizations, have similar provisions.

Jinan City Bureau on ban elementary and middle schools teachers engaged in paid tutor of notification early issued, punishment also not can be described as not heavy, once found, on has may fired public, but why also is was wind and Shang, violation provides of phenomenon has been convict? here certainly has personal on himself requirements strictly or not, and body conditions, and family conditions, the aspects of effect, but cannot fail to note of a phenomenon is: why are to Rob with Dang civil servants, and fresh was willing to Dang teacher? In particular, men did not want to do, now that male teachers are scarce, almost all the primary schools and kindergartens are women teachers, resulting in extremely adverse conditions for children's education.

why is there this situation? because of the low teacher salaries, tradition is men prop up the family burdens, so that men are less willing to be a teacher, even if for various reasons, access to education, in order to cope with the pressure of survival is to do something to increase income. Now teachers is still poor, especially domestic conditions are relatively poor teacher living under great pressure. Teachers are human and have to bring home the bacon, do something to increase income, which under the environment of market economy is somewhat understandable, but, of course, can't form with a paid tutor. How to really put an end to this phenomenon, do not "lose"?

the Jinan City Bureau of education on primary and middle school teachers engage in paid tutor notice, is intended to block undesirable phenomenon, but "blocking" and "relief" hole without reasonable remuneration, how can we ask people not to solve the problem of existence?

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