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This year focus on paid tutor problems

In 2012 the city's education conference held yesterday afternoon

Washington   (reporter Lu Xiannian and Chen Weiche) few teachers use the holiday break to have extra lessons or extracurricular needs of the students paid tutor of the reimbursement for the services provided or will be punished. Yesterday afternoon, in 2012 the city's education work Conference held at the Government Conference Centre, municipal education Bureau Director Liu Chuanpei the meeting praised the behavior of individual teachers resist the Township paid tutor.

part of the Township boycotted paid tutor

over the years, a few teachers use the holiday break to have lessons or tutoring students demand reimbursement for the services provided by paid tutor, aroused the community's concern and discussion, especially due to serving teachers paid tutor, repercussion is very large.

at the meeting, Liu Chuanpei introduction, Zhongshan will further strengthen the construction of teachers ' morality, developed and implemented the opinions on further strengthening and improving the construction of teachers ' morality, implementing the requirements of primary and middle school moral norms, focus on issues such as paid tutor. And strengthening teachers ' moral education and perfecting moral evaluation and reward-penalty system.

it is understood that currently resist paid tutor, Zhongshan has a corresponding provisions, but no implementing rules, such as the definition of paid tutor and punitive measures, and so on. Department of education officials said, in this respect, the Council then continues to improve, and now have been part of the Township, Zhongshan began to take measures against paid tutor problems.

according to the relevant person in charge of the teaching Office in the Eastern District, schools have some measures in this area, but not mature enough. Paid tutor with secrecy, it is difficult to find, so it must rely on the teacher's discipline. The officials say, free for students in need of remedial is the teacher's responsibility, she said, recently, Bureau of special investigation group to research their area, to the area under the form of written documents will refer to the study.