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Yanshan University "loving family" charity starts

On March 20, the reporter learned from the Yanshan University work-study Counseling Center, the third "loving family" large public events today opened its doors to poor families, eager to tutor students, tutor for free. If you're confusing primary and secondary school students in their studies, or care for children but unable to counselling parents, they quickly signed up for the charity.

     "loving family" public welfare activities recruitment including single parent families, both parents or one of invalidity, laid off workers, the children of urban poor families, orphans and children of migrant workers. Primary and middle school students have to learn hard work meets the above conditions, willingness to accept love tutoring, guarantee can be well combined with counselling in the teaching process.

     the third "loving family" public welfare activities are still on the campus of Yanshan University, during the day time for each Saturday or Sunday, for a period of two months. Tutor for two hours at a time, at least once a week, and acceptance of college student volunteers tutor students one-to-one or many-to-one counseling. Tutoring subjects including Chinese, mathematics, English, chemistry, physics, geography, history, biology, politics, 9 subjects.

     Yanshan University "loving family" large public activity has been successfully held twice. In 2010, the first "loving family" charity chosen from the  350 students volunteer in schools, 80 more than more than 60 students from poor families was a two-month obligation coaching. In 2011 the second "love tutor" organized by parents, society and schools alike,  80 assistance received 150 college students volunteer counselling.

     This "loving family" charity event registration period ended March 26, sign up at 0335-8071802, or directly to the Yanshan University work-study Counseling Center Office, address for the Hebei Avenue West section of Yanshan University Student Center, room 109.