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Luxi education system with the "family house" say "NO"

Red NET Luxi station March 26 (reporter   tanshuyin) "paid tutor House not only affects the rights of students to fair education but also damages the image of education, introduced us to define this behavior, treatment at the same time, will also from time to time to carry on, determined to say NO to tutor House. "On March 26, when it comes to parenting parenting, Luxi County Bureau of Education Director of the discipline inspection and supervision Mo Haixia tone firmly said to us.

for specification teachers teaching behavior, promote education balanced development, March 22, Luxi County Bureau issued has is strictly prohibited on-the-job teachers paid lessons and the tutor domestic of provides, will "out rent (take) with site or home paid conducting courses lessons, and take organization various learning interest group of name paid on students counselling, and unauthorized in outside for training institutions admissions or part-time", defined for tutor correctional behavior. Of violation of teachers urged to refund the costs at the same time, would also lift its evaluation, assessment, promotion to the higher level job qualifications and academic leaders, key teachers ' honor, and according to the seriousness of their commandments talks, criticized, warning, demerit, dismissal of administrative sanctions such as retention, out of the public, the discipline of party members will also be given the appropriate punishment. School management in place, causing teachers to tutor House-there is a lot of serious, will be investigated for responsibility for school principals