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Love tutor, school of materials award Conference

On March 27, the part-time Center, school of materials was held in area c, 25/f, Room 408, love tutor summary and commendation ceremony, party, Communist Youth League, work-study centers of the college officials and more than more than 10 love tutor teacher attended the meeting.

college student Du Yu to love tutor reporting on the activities of the year. Tutor on behalf of participating in this activity is expressed in harvesting and reflections, and put forward valuable suggestions. Students parents in a live phone interview to thank organizers, hope that the activities will continue to do so. Work-study center teacher Zhao Xue to summarize this event, called loving of each college tutor in the school involved in the public service, so that more households, more children get the selfless help; also want material college work-study centers can learn from their experience, and research on problems arising from the activities and better services for children. Later, Zhao Xue as an excellent loving tutor certificate issued by the representatives.

love tutor activity is the work-study program, school of materials has been fundamental public interest activities of the Centre, meets every year to the whole school called love tutor, and get in touch with the community, provide free voluntary tutor program for economically disadvantaged families. According to statistics, in the past two years, through this activity more than more than 50 recipients of poor families, students achieve more than 60 employees.

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