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Charging method

only 100 Yuan membership fee, students free tutoring

membership fee of 100 Yuan, students I tutor network in Beijing looking for subjects they tutor, exempt any service fees. Once paid, for life.

a lesson on payment of a fee, there is no economic risk

no fee shall be paid in advance many times, a lesson on payment of a fee, you can start or stop at any time tutoring. Don't have to worry about paying the money cannot be refunded.

not satisfied with the first hour, without pay

students first class an hour if not satisfied with the teacher's teaching, without any tutoring costs, ensuring the quality of teaching.

in the home to help, not to rent luxury offices, without advertising, tutor at cheaper prices

teacher home tutoring or to go to the teacher's class, students not only convenient and save time, and save the cost of renting office space. Tutoring costs cheaper than the so-called elite schools with lessons in the Office a lot.

tutoring fees really that expensive?

tutorial on the market recently there have been many "famous" is a "one-on-one" banner. They try very hard to advertise in newspapers and on buses, and even television, spared no expense to lease luxury office buildings, to create "schools" impression. Their prices are ridiculously expensive,

at least 200 yuan an hour, some 300 or 400 Yuan, a teacher than the same costs a lot more expensive, but also the students into the Office class, dozens of people crowded into a room. Not so expensive I can't, advertising costs, cost of renting office space, shared learning

Fier. Wool from the sheep and, finally, the parents pay. And also a teacher cheaper by nearly half.