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Talking about the review strategy of human geography

Geographic knowledge General can is divided into natural geographic (Earth movement, and weather and climate, and hydrological, and geological landforms), and Humanities geographic (agricultural, and industrial, and city, and traffic, and population, and culture, and tourism) and regional geographic (World geographic, and China geographic), and Humanities geographic is entrance questions in the important of part, content many, answer Shi not too easy put hold points, and questions scores share increasingly big, often easy points, so Humanities geographic often related geographic or paper fully exam of success.

one, proposition trends of college entrance examination of human geography

1. Human geography test are often not isolated, often with physical geography or comprehensive examination of regional geography, focusing on regional cultural features and regional development, stressed the theory with real life problems. For example 2006 national paper fully volume ⅰ 39  problem, and national paper fully volume II 37 problem, and Beijing volume 36 problem, and Tianjin paper fully volume 36 and 39 problem, and Shanghai geographic volume 25,33 and 35 problem, and Guangdong geographic volume 5 and 35 problem, and Sichuan paper fully volume 36 problem, and Jiangsu geographic volume  31 problem, are is to various regional figure for background for test natural and Humanities geographic, highlight on regional Humanities geographic features of analysis.

2. Combination of materials issues, to innovative charts, material from the original text to examine candidates on important principles of human geography, understanding and application of the law of capabilities. II 37 questions such as the national comprehensive volume to the Myanmar capital as background 33,35, Shanghai geographic volume problem with "Pearl River Delta" Sichuan paper background, comprehensive volume 10, 11 questions with new figure for background, Jiangsu geography vol 9 questions to wind rose for the background check, and so on.

3. Particular emphasis on population, resources, environment and sustainable development issues.

4. From the skill and competency requirements, more attention to chart reading skills, human geography text analysis skills, summary, reflection, and evaluation capacity, the ability to use the scientific term for expressing.

Second, the review strategy of human geography

1. catching core, knowledge systems

humanistic geography is not difficult to understand, but the content is scattered and not easy to get, so that in the review on the method and strategy, should seize the core knowledge. Humanities geographic is to population, and economic and social activities for core, reveals human activities of geographical space form, including three aspects of content: location, and geographical type and the sustainable development, and location theory is Humanities geography of core, the content theory practice of features highlight, can effective test gets information, and analysis migration, and solution problem, of capacity, so learned using location theory to analysis and solution reality problem is Humanities geographic learning of main target. Human geography textbooks including high school geography (compulsory); high school geography (take one, take two), which has an obvious clue that permeates one, this is the "location". From agricultural, industrial, urban, transportation, businesses, tourist attractions, the geopolitical location, organically linked with human geography sections became part of human geography "soul". From the perspective of design review, focusing on a cleanup thread, build knowledge, knowledge in the finishing process of optimization, capacity of sublimation.

2. Master the humane laws and principles

laws and principles of human geography includes agricultural, industrial, urban, traffic, Commerce, tourism and other topology; regional cooperation and competition principles, principles of environmental change and sustainable development, understanding and mastering and applying the laws, principles of human geography is extremely important for learning.

3. Time schedule

human geography review schedule should be in the later stages. General review of physical geography, regional geography, then review the human geography, because the analysis of humanistic geography is often integrated.

4. Issues in a development perspective

human geography environmental phenomena and human geography are constantly changing, therefore, to development and dialectical view for analysis. As city in formed of early of led location factors, and city formed and development up Hou effect its continues to development of led factors certainly is not as of; and as a industrial zone formed of early of led factors, will with industrial zone of development grow and occurred corresponding of changes, yiqian of location advantage, may into industrial zone continues to development of disadvantage, and some new of location advantage and will constantly appeared out, "raw materials on industrial location of effect gradually weakened, and market on industrial location of effect gradually strengthening" reflected has this while.

5. Analysis of typical cases, divergent thinking, so by analogy

many geography questions test the ability of candidates to use what they have learned, so questions are often not limited to books, not limit candidates ' thinking, but let the candidates ' thinking. So, on a particular case should be combined with the textbook analysis, to think about problems, and try to look at matters from all sides, master of laws, so as to nurture students ' abilities in knowledge transfer. Such as learning the Argentina after the big pasture, to contact our livestock, Argentina Ranch livestock grazing industry in China's development of what ...

6. Summary of solving questions of law

(1) human geography test questions should focus on basic ideas and methods

as industrial issues to note that raw relationship between, factories, markets, social and environmental benefits; in the analysis of environmental problems, pay attention to environmental issues can be divided into two broad categories: environmental pollution and ecological damage, main ideas including an analysis of the status quo, causes, harms and counter measures, and so on.

(2) on the given material summarizing and refining information

generally, entrance problem in the by to of any a text are is useful of, must not easily let, for total more of text, also should seriously reading, find this paragraph information what is to description what problem, which which information is problem-solving essential of, even itself is questions answers; also to note problem in the of key word or implied information; second to right to for graphic conversion, for topics by to out of various diagram information, to can combined figure name, and legend, and  Text callout in the figure getting valid information.

7. Intensive training

through the practice of human geography sort of knowledge systems, conducted intensive training is an important way of human geography learning; select a training topic and good model test of college entrance examination has the role of giving top priority, of course, human geography practice best provide new material and new situations, in practice do not merely content with the knowledge the answer, more importantly master method, together.