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Geography of college entrance examination of the six methods

(1) feature descriptive expression

feature is examined more ability in the college entrance examination in recent years, but the loss rate is higher. Its reasons for losing, one can not capture feature, and second, unclear description. If you can cause organizations in terms of the characteristics of the text are correctly and describe the characteristics of a method.

(2) the sum expression

entrance examination questions, often by news reports, from the geographical requirements, geographic point of comparison is good. Such answers are usually is found in text and diagrams, but not so extract the text, in conjunction with geographic principles to reorganize it.

(3) attribution hierarchy expressions

a geographical phenomena (things) happen, there is always a reason, and it may be many reasons, when we analyze the reasons to have secondary, so as to appear well-organized, clear thinking. Otherwise, not only will mix, also misses the point.

(4) push the analysis of rational expression

the expression and the "attribution of expression", which are linear; strict cause and effect logic, layers of reasoning, linked together; one will feel less tight enough. Therefore, any part cannot jump.

(5) the comparative expressions

clasp between different areas of such expression is "similarities" to compare. Directly about similarities and differences between regions, for example, "comparison of similarities and differences of European and North American temperate maritime climate, and analyse its causes"; some do not ask directly, but it implies that regional comparisons, such as "why Rice's most northern community in the Sanjiang plain area? "Implied in Sanjiang plain compared to other latitudes heat.

(6) the chart accessible express

communication is not the only language, images, too. Therefore, when you use words to express difficult only, you can use images, in particular problems with geo-spatial concepts. Well, that can be succinctly exactly, you can save time.