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Exam physics analysis of three types of

One, multiple choice questions

multiple choice, pure basics topics studied have probably 5, drawn from the following sections: relativity, optics, atomic physics, gravity and space, mechanical vibration and mechanical wave and alternating current. Characteristics of these questions is: knowledge is relatively independent, no comprehensive application type is simple and easy to master. So when we review only needs to understand these points no problem. And the best way to get this knowledge point, in addition to the teacher's explanation, is becoming a problem, over Beijing's University entrance exam topic, all interim, final exams, and so in practice exercises, each up to 50. To understand these questions, exam no reason in them, drop points on the problem. 30 points, easy.

among the remaining three multiple choice questions, two involved the main knowledge of mechanics and electricity, needs a strong ability, such as the law of conservation of mechanical energy, electromagnetic induction, and so on. These issues require strong basic knowledge, if the problems can work behind, then these two problems is a piece of cake.

final multiple choice questions have a strong comprehensive, visit may be a way to solve problems, as in 2010, is studied by image method and physics formulas. 2008, 20,092 study is the ability to speculate. Can said the problem was the embodiment of test is the intelligence and adaptability, knowledge is of secondary importance.

to sum up, a below average students, after a month of "training" in the future, choice reaches level 6 is very easy.

Second, the experiment

see experiment. Two of the experimental subject examination, electrical mechanics, mechanics tests seven eight, electrical experiments. And last year's experiment, the next few years will certainly not take the exam. Only ten or so of experiments. Each has three to five test centers in fixed, that is, no matter what the topic, are inseparable from these points. For a review of the experiment, there is only one word, which is "back". Back up to the city of midterm, final exam, mock exam questions research to understand. 16 points or more, firmly in the Pocket. As for time spent, one month at most.

well, now you don't do big problems, the score is about more than 50 points. The time you take to answer is about 30 minutes. Time to review two months, took 90 minutes a day is enough, Oh that is very value.

third, calculation problems

Math, we learn those things all day long, what Newton, curvilinear motion, kinetic, momentum, electric force, curvilinear motion in a magnetic field, electromagnetic induction to do work or something like that. These three problems, the first is free, if you listen carefully, there is a certain basis, sure no problem. 16 points is a steal.

Second, application questions, study includes Electromagnetic induction, complex field, mechanical work, energy, and so on. To be honest, the problem to be completely done for very simple. However, it will generally be divided into three smaller asked first to q almost free, that you mention what? probably read it again to write questions, generally a step up. Of course, you have to investigate the problem of understanding the model. It depends on your time, nothing else. If you are short, it's best to give up the last two q. Comprehensive test problems are too big, not too much time to think. If your Foundation is better, can find some comprehensive topics dedicated to do some special exercises, general reference books will be found on the corresponding model. In General, this question more difficult and you must have at least 10 points.

the third, proposition is now more inclined to explore with you problem. Generally is purely mechanical or pure electrical study is your mastery of basic knowledge and methods. Period will have two or three issues, the first problem was the most basic model, as long as you have a foundation must be able to work it out. Later asked according to it. Basis unless you are particularly good, or has finished two other branch and checked it again and nothing to do, good for you, you can impact the Beijing comprehensive high score. Say no more, this question 8 is a must get.

well, count your lowest score: 85 minutes, out of 120. Just below average based on you, is very easy to get. Calculate your costs: five months time took 1.5 hours a day to learn physics, how?

of course, you could base better. So, please clean up after finishing the basics, take more time to study a variety of models, and do a variety of comprehensive questions, because at the end of the exam, you will always find, in fact, that you are doing.