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College entrance examination last 90 days to review common problems and solutions

About 90 days from the left in the college entrance examination in 2011, how to make good use of this relates to the fate of 90 days, for each one of the candidates is a question.

through a period of observation, in the last 90-day review process, often receive the following question:

1, most of our students focus on the reference book, so will most of the time on the questions, check the answers, and some basic concepts, principles, understand and master still stuck in   "somewhere" in the State. So when you examine the conceptual issues, some students of the higher error rate.

remember that books are a source of knowledge, national entrance examination problem cannot be separated from the material.

2, knowledge scattered, some students from the review, review previous forgotten knowledge behind, paying no attention to the link between knowledge and use, although some students to acquire knowledge, but knowledge remains isolated and scattered, the solving of difficult to use. So some candidates in the usual review cannot extrapolate every test when the mind goes blank, review for a long time has no effect.

remember that books are more study is thin, only when we put the knowledge into a line, paved surfaces, constitute a network, we grasp of knowledge true.

3, in the third year of this year, final exam quiz, and in normal times, done a lot of training exercises, but some places to students on their own mistakes enough attention often, lack of careful analysis and reflection behavior, focusing on answers, not concerned about the thought process, and focus only on the problem, and does not concern the topic of quality. Some students in the midst of emotional review, once made a matching answer, found their accuracy is very high, will swell that he solves the problem in this regard, vertices are in fact a lot of need to improve the process.

Remember: one must not fall in the same place twice.

4, some students always comparing themselves with others, and is secretly competing with others. This is a general phenomenon, including some students with good grades at ordinary times, always dismissive of others better than yourselves, if said through his comprehensive analysis of the problem, know the extent of, and put some hope and a plan to implement the actions, scientific review, which is a good thing. In fact, more often than not, some students see the scores of others, if others more than yourself, feel not convinced, "Zhou" temper out. Test of the college entrance examination is highly competitive, we constantly improve themselves and keep on summary and summary, do their "finished cosmetic improvements." To realize their dreams in the entrance examination.

Remember: competition makes people to upgrade a space water to ships.

5, high school student stress, emotion is not vented, and the age of puberty. If the resistance of the body is not strong, then it is easy to get burned. But you know, people are emotional, at the right time to the right of the stage, emotion is a very noble and very pure spirit; but if it is not the right time to take out, is a yoke, a drag ... ... The three stages of life is the most precious, don't be a prisoner of this feeling, is not a valuable wealth of emotion, too!

Remember: love him, give him a quiet study environment, and he succeeded, your hand too late.

three, should be spent in a rational. Farewell hope you very calm, not tisijiaoliu, do not tear the book anger, not suicide, not partying.