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Review of the physics college entrance examination more questions are the best buys?

In the college entrance examination in physical review, many people think do more exercises to cost-effective, good basic knowledge will suffer, this is one-sided. The physics college entrance examination last year has three characteristics: ① basic ② focus on reasoning; strengthen the experiment. In this review, these features still cannot be ignored. Therefore, I think that the review should pay close attention to the basics, catch capacity, strengthen basic training. Through the review, comprehensively and systematically learn secondary school knowledge of physics, understanding the links between knowledge, attention to the meaning and scope of the physical concepts and laws. To develop the ability to analyze and solve problems, pay attention to the following two points –

question one: light exercise concept

good basic is the most important physical concepts. The fundamental of physics is figuring out the basic concepts of physics, the laws of physics, principles, if the concept is not clear, regular thing is confused, even remembering the laws and formulae, nor understood and applied. So master the physical concept is the Foundation of learning physics. Accurate physical concept, not only to the physical definition of the concept of detailed, carefully outlined its physical nature, and to understand why the introduction of the concept of, and compare with other comparable concepts, find each other to build the links and differences between concepts. Through the study of concepts and gradually learn to analyze problems, problem solving skills and methods. For example, displacement and distance, weight and pressure, mass and weight, right-hand and left-hand rule, concepts such as vibration and waveform cables similar to but not the same, in revision, can analyze and compare their features and links. Used with strict physical concepts of everyday life there is a difference between, for example, higher lift objects with bigger (and confusion); object could move faster, forcing the larger (and confusion), greater the deeper the water buoyancy (pressure and buoyancy of confusion), and so on. Through comparative analysis, you can also find some common methods in the study of physics. Electrical field strength, electric potential, capacitors, EMF, magnetic introduced methods are similar. The basic concept of middle schools physical contact more easily confused in the actual application. Through a total review, compare and apply, you will realize the difference and relation between them. In this way, applying physical concepts and laws for analysis, reasoning problem can be improved, and lay a good foundation for comprehensive problem training.

problem two: thin thick book experiments

here in particular to point out that, when to do physics experiments. This is the current widespread weakness. Last year the University entrance exam, candidates are making an experiment in physics is the main problem: the procedure described is not complete, and does not analyze reasons for the failures. Physics is an experimental science, which is based, the syllabus with special emphasis on experimental ability, and when the experiment is conducive to consolidating the concept, understanding the laws and mastering experimental skills. The experiment, clearly aims to understand principles and understand the performance of the instruments used, clear instruments in the circuit (or devices), clear procedures, knows how to correct observations and readings recorded data should be understood according to the valid number meaning, reflect the accuracy of the instrument, to correct recording of experimental data. Then, according to the analysis of the recorded data, and come to a reasonable conclusion. Special stress is only a thorough understanding of principles, can correct experimental error analysis method for reducing errors and of matters to the experiment. Analysis of treatment data, also knows how to turn data into images, image functions, using mathematics and physics knowledge to find out the law or conclusions. Through experiments, help to understand concepts and laws is how to set up on an experimental basis, thereby enhancing the ability to observe and analyze problems and mastered certain skills.

failures that may be encountered in the experimental methods and reasons for failure of analysis and experiments, in particular, to pay attention to the problem. In addition, to understand the experiment to observe the basic rules (such as basic requirements for electrical connections, measuring instruments zero is correct, some general and basic training, experiments). There is a kind of experiment, experiment is based on the requirements, designed an experiment to verify the conclusions or measuring load, it is very helpful to develop flexibility in the use of knowledge.