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Lao She's educating children

Do Carpenter Masons also has meaning  1942 years August, Lao She Mr wrote had a article called art and Carpenter of articles, which has so a: "I has three a child, unless they himself willing to, and very Ken efforts, do literary wrote home, I never encourages they, because I see they do Carpenter, and Masons or do wrote home, is also has meaning of, no level high or low of don't. "&Nbsp;

don't have into the College   Lao She in a letter to his wife when it comes to hopes for the children wrote:" I think they don't have into the College. I wish I would get to sweat and earn a living, an honest driver or workers will certainly stronger than that of a corrupt official, don't you think? " 

children play more   Lao She particularly valued the innocence of children, which is the world's most valuable and must not stifle. He argued that children "playing more", the most afraid to see "little adults" and "little old man" and "shoulders".  

not child-toys   Lao She says: "modern couples, teaches children aged three or four literacy, guests to the show, is a plaything for children, forget the child's physical education is slow, don't encourage. " 

treat children as if they were good friends   of Lao She's advocating for children must have equal attitude, advocating respect for children, like good friends, and practice. He loves writing to children, wrote humorous jokes, even quietly announced to the children's own writing projects. In front of him, the child can speak freely, he hoped that all parents have the attitude and heart.

encourage   Lao She likes to watch children characters, considered to be one of the great pleasures. "Painted backwards, letter writing, whim, adding and subtracting to painting, unprecedented, unique style, to refer to the Black-Browed, dots all over, but caused by dripping. "This is his account of children, promotes children's creative  .

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