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Exam physics eight multiple-choice solutions

Exam physics eight solutions for multiple-choice:

1. the direct method. Through observation, direct from the conditions set out in the title, based on knowledge and rule to launch the correct results, the test, to determine the correct option. It is suitable for the Basic topic of not turning on and the reason is simple. These topics are mainly used to test students ' knowledge of the physical memory and perception, is common-knowledge topics.

2. out of a process of elimination. On the basis of this method to read the meaning under topic request, first the obvious error or unreasonable alternative answers to rule out, finally left the right answer. Note that sometimes the topic to select the wrong option, and that is to exclude the right of option.

3. the method of reverse thinking. This approach is starting from the selected answer, meaning analysis, that is, to answer individually the physical phenomena and processes as known, through careful thought and analysis, introduced in the conditions of need or to meet requirements, resulting in the answer options by making the right choices.

4. the reductio ad absurdum to absurdity. This method was first presented and contrary to assumptions in a theorem, then derived from this assumption and given contradictory results, which surely negates the original assumptions theorem.

5. analysis of the concept of law. Analysis of the concept of law is a confusing concept in the title, and the method for determining true or false.

6. calculation method. Calculation is based on the proposition of data, physics derivation or calculate the results and compared with alternative answers, make the right choices, this method much more physical quantities involved, difficult topic.

7. the method of reasoning. According to give conditions relating to the use of physical law, physics formulae or physical theory through logical reasoning, or calculate the correct answer and then compared with the alternative answers to choose.

8. assignment method. Some multiple choice questions to show the General case, is more difficult to judge correctness, problem conditions before assigning test generation, see proposition is correct, and draw a conclusion.