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Teaching gifted children stories

In the United States, there was a research psychologist at a school, the teachers asked him: "Sir, you can pick out the intellectually gifted and talented students in the class?" The psychologists immediately simply replied: "Yes, of course. "Then, he confidently hand pointing up in the students:" you, you, you ... ... "being children from now on by the students of envy, teacher's care and parents praise their grades improve, one after another from the ordinary child became the leader in the children of the same age. A year later, the psychologist visit the school again, to the teacher asked, "what has become of the children?" Teacher replied, "great!" but I was surprised, before you come, that some students are just ordinary kids, with your guidance, each of them has changed. Do you have any tips, can judge so accurately? " Psychologists said with a smile: "there is no trick, just pointing. "A word the teacher revealing a face surprising ... ...  

give the child confidence, off the child genius potential

inspiration from this story is impressive: when we firmly believe that when a child is a genius, he becomes a genius! all this comes from the child's confidence, he believes he is a genius. This has produced a confident child genius potential and inspire children motivation.

every child has infinite talent potential, but need to have parents with a pair of eye to discover, love to nurture; need to consciously "boast" and need to systematically "tube". Let the children appreciate the trust and expectations of parents, give children the confidence and encouragement, kids'll equip you not over treasure. Gifted education is a science, parents should be based on the child's psychological development and age characteristics, gifted and talented education and culture into children's daily life, reflected in all details of parent-child activities, trust, understand, communicate and grow, experience the joy of children to grow up!