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How to develop children's reading habit

A, and let children reading, from listening to began

just began of when, children not reading, not awareness Word, parents can first to children read, to children reading, they may listening to not understand, slowly of development children of language and understanding capacity, until children himself can see of when, let children to parents read, experience inside of fun, formed himself reading of habits, subtle of let children habit love reading of habits.

Second, to set an example, let the children like reading

parents are their children's mirror, child behavior, all refracted parents ' shadow. "The body was not; the body is not correct, though does not give orders. "Many of our parents want their children to love reading, but if our parents are only food, clothing, dress up and don't even touch books, children when there's a problem, always impatient says:" go go go, do it yourself, don't expect parents. "If this trend continues, the child lost interest in reading. So, when the parent in the child, must lead by example. Requiring children to do, first you must do, loves to read, loves reading, and children often talk about the book's content and experiences, children will slowly start to like reading, good family atmosphere is the child the best way to enjoy reading, seen and children see who know how to stimulate and nurture their children's interest in reading.

third, create a reading environment, inducing a child reading interests

the saying goes: "who is the son of the environment". Parents often take their children to the bookstore, and experience the pleasure of reading in the library, see environment, experience the reading atmosphere. Among the crowd, having stood, they see, or beautiful clutching a copy of the statement, in such an environment, how can children from the infection? See book buy back kids like, and share with children, in a child's subconscious, that reading is the most glorious, children as a habit to read slowly, and without the habit of reading.

four, appropriate guidance, child benefit book

good book for people with wisdom, give people the power, people benefit from life, a bad book can be said to be poison. Now book a wide variety, the bad book is not only a waste of children's time and energy, and may make the child go astray. Parents need to guide their children to read. To children select health up of book, according to children age paragraph different, select different age of book, I remember I son primary school of when select of is some Chinese inspirational story, and Anderson fairy tale, and green fairy tale, and Aesop fable, and Robinson drifting remember,; to has middle school yihou teacher introduced read four classics, also has is steel is how refining into of, and elderly and sea, and Lu Xun of towards spent XI picked up,; teacher also encourages children are finished yihou wrote reading experience, memorized inside of beautiful words, Copy the lines. This accumulation of knowledge, also adds interest.

books, learning well will always be our helper, our trail guide, is the source of all knowledge. Books to teach children how to dress, how to dialogue with others, how to treat a friend, family member. They experience in practice, slowly began to change, as her teacher said of the reading makes a beautiful, make reading our habit!