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"Play" learning to play three Dr

This is a very normal family, father Chen is the Vice President of Jiangxia district, Wuhan medical school, his mother was a housewife; yet they raised three very ordinary daughter, Chen Zhongyuan, and Chen Zhongjing and Chen Zhongzhou, three respectively in Germany the University of Jena, Munich University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Earth physics doctorate at UCLA girls.

all this is a product of Chen is a set of family education methods. Summed up in two words, is: Joy summed up into one word is: play!

what a play it? Let us into their world--

When Chen was just entering the school, only to give him a room, so the farm wife led to her 3 children in the country. On one occasion, holiday, Chen was taking home. 3 daughters all dirty, and boys with slingshots playing mahjong. Turn over their homework, and Chen is seeing is a red "x"; get them a few simple sums, they are wrong. This way I can't! Chen decided to put daughters back, personally coaching their learning.

because they have no residency, beg others to link to a primary school teacher exam, three sisters, very embarrassed to show reluctance to accept their admission, because their base is too bad. Chen repeatedly ask the teacher to give them a chance. "The study within one year and no progress, I automatically make them drop out 1, Mr Chan Hak said. The teacher finally acquiesced.

However, how can a year, makes children wild hearts back into learning, grades have a significantly improved? Mr Chan Hak, felt, play is the child's nature, kids love to play, in play can be happy, so blocking than sparse, cutting as well, why not put the learning into play, let the children playing happily and improves academic achievement in joy?

challenges Dad: two sets of cards to start brainstorming

Chen noted that two sets of cards. At that time, the experimental primary school of Beijing Shijingshan two answer sheets, 60 cards per set, each piece on both sides, each 22 questions (are simple adding, subtracting and dividing). Mr Chan Hak is not from the heart moving, it is not a proper "toys"? To keep children like the "toy", Mr Chan Hak is open mind. He believed that children love toys there is an important factor, that is, toy play. If you play boring, no matter how good the toy is not necessarily interested in children.

his daughter said: "Daddy finished 13 seconds on a card problem, will you and dad than a ratio? "" Good! We would like to. "Daughters cheered. It seems that this "challenge Dad" games, children are like. Chen Kezheng was secretly pleased.

eldest daughter Chen originally made this problem the first time it took 30 seconds, twice took only 15 seconds, third-time of 13 seconds. Second daughter, Chen Zhongjing took 65 seconds for the first time, practiced 1 hour, finally reaches 20 seconds, but, no matter how hard could not more than 19 seconds. She did not admit defeat, just sitting at your desk all afternoon, too tired to sweat. Chen is distressed, afraid of static from the game in reverse psychology, not willing to play, cheat still said: "to the, to the, 13 sec 1 static breathed a sigh, wiping sweat, aside to rest.

third continental start playing this game, has cheerfully spent more than two hours, 5280 question on two sets of cards are out. Nakasu is in front, Chen was correct, the nervous energy can not refer to it.

"challenge father" this aspect of play, was training children to do math problems faster. When they become a problem after the speed reaches a certain level, Chen is also invented a game, began to teach children the problem of accuracy. To that end, his daughter when they do the exercises on the two sets of cards allowed the error rate to 1 per thousand.

seems difficult, but Chen was created by game, 3 daughters do it cheerfully, and gradually reached, Mr Chan Hak, was established by the standards.

two sets of cards game changing play, children's grades rising at the end of the second year of the examination, the static test in the Central Plains, the first class, which was surprised by their teachers

full guide: play to learn "secrets" released

Chen and her daughter were getting hooked on "play".

three girls are fond of reading novels, playing for them this is. But will delay if they dabble in learning time, and Chen was invented "Word Flash", "Flash" reading method. "The moment the word" is a symbol as a reading from two Chinese characters, "Flash" is a symbol character as a read more. For example, "Chinese", "People's Republic of China" as a "country" read the words, so you can significantly improve the speed of reading a novel. This way of reading taken speed-reading, traditional education has been abandoned, and Chen was treated it as a baby-read novels, seize the topic sentence, can grasp the main content!

it turned out he was right. He asked her to read zhouerfu's novel of Shanghai's book the morning of the 14th chapter, this is chapter 12000 characters, her daughter finished in 4 minutes. In order to check whether the girls swallowed, and Chen was deliberately 14 minutes to read this chapter and made more than 10 questions to test the girls, they are entirely correct answer. I read a novel so compressed time, daughters are not only more time to learn, by reading books has also increased. Learn to play balance.

taste for sweetness, this method is used by Chen is the math. He taught the children, do not look at 3+2=5, should direct it to be 5. Children didn't understand initially, but later had a cheerful, because they found that Daddy when you do the math, many times faster than classmates-this much fun! Usually play games, do not also to prevail in game? Cheer with dad's learning methods, the three sisters have fun, play speed, break out the quality, playing a remarkable achievement.

Chen is "play" word play in educating children to the extreme. Even some of the dull courses, Chen is also moving through the brain to the girls, try to "play".

a bit boring compared with other subjects of politics, when still in high school, however, politics has had two full marks. Teacher found Chen was asked, Chen said that under the "General logic" theory, combined with my own experience, I told my daughter that politics not by rote. Politics is very particular about the level, its logical beauty, each logical not in reverse order, remember that the key word. Realized that logic beauty, what a happy thing! In this way, during the exam would make a satisfactory answer, please?

fruits: summary of "" learning the core

time flies and an eldest daughter admitted to the Wuhan University in Central Plains, graduated to the first-place finish was admitted to Tongji Medical University, in March 1999, and entered Germany immunity Department of molecular biology at the University of Bonn for doctoral degrees, research on human organ transplant rejection.

in 1992, the second static test into the University of petroleum in Beijing, fine chemical industry, and was admitted to the postgraduate, specialized in active substances in cosmetics; in June 2000, it was Germany organic Chemistry Biochemistry Department, accepted as a doctoral student at the University of Munich.

that same year, Zhong Zhou was admitted to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics of the Earth, the third for continuous academic program that involves postgraduate and doctoral study. Laodazhong original has finished doctoral studies at the University of Bonn, Germany studying for a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Jena.

Watch three daughters grow, Chen Kezheng with emotion: in my more than 20 years of careful cultivation, has finally borne fruit.

anti-views himself of "play" learning of education method, Chen are summary out has "play" learning of core: to wants to let children of learning results get improve, parents needed training children of "speed standard, and intelligence standard, and errors rate standard", while, to do "three Guide"-Guide, and counselling, and guide, training children of learning interest, eventually put learning as a happy of thing to "play", let learning became children of a happy-a any other game and toy are cannot alternative of happy.