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Zhu de's teaching experience

Comrade Zhu de always paid attention to in ideological and moral education on the children, guides children to Marxism for guiding light, serve the people wholeheartedly.  

comrade Zhu de in the mother's reminiscences (presented April 5, 1944 in Yan ' an issue of the liberation daily) said: "my home is tenant ... ... Landowner cultivation for generations, his family was poor. And our friends are honest and poor farmers. "" Mother toils all day long. Naturally when I was four or five years old next to help her out, to eight or nine years old when he not only picked back, also farm. "Mother" to poor farmers of sympathy and antipathy against the heartless is more strongly. Mother heavy say in a few words, and I see a lot of rough facts, inspired by my childhood idea of resistance to oppression in pursuit of light, so I was determined to find a new life. ”

when Zhu de's kept his mother left home and away in Yunnan, when participating in the forces nouvelles and the Alliance, "know from home, my mother told me not only did not oppose this move, many aircraft flew back to me. "During the war, Chu became Commander-in-Chief of the army, awarded eight Army Commander in Chief," her mother knows what I do, she's looking forward to the success of China's national liberation. She knows our party's difficulties, peasant woman still at home and lived a hard life. ”…… Thus, Chu full said with deep feeling: "I should thank her mother, she taught me the knowledge and the revolution of production will encourage me on the road to revolution. In this way, I met more and more each day: only the knowledge, the will, is the world's most valuable property. ”

comrade Zhu de's children focused on lofty ideological and ethical education, affects them.  

Zhu de always works to teach children to read Marx and Lenin and Mao Zedong. Around 1951, his daughter Zhu min in the Soviet school, go home for the holidays, Zhu de always ask her to read Mao's articles. As Zhu min lived abroad for a long time, poor Chinese, reading difficulties, he would take time, let her sit on his side, pulling his daughter's hand, literally read her comrade Mao Zedong on people's democratic dictatorship and the writings such as new democracy, while reading, while explaining the main content of the article and difficult words. In 1952, Zhu min when Zhu de to the son-in-law of the first gift was a newly-published selected works of Mao Zedong.

in 1953, Zhu Minsheng's first child, maternity leave, Chu urged her to go to work. He said to her kindly: "we're a socialist revolution, but also to help each other! You go to work, children placed in me, I arranged for her for you, you don't want to miss. …… Do you work to live in the school dormitory and don't go home, to work hard and become one with the masses. "Sometimes Zhu min quietly went home to see their children, criticized after he knew the daughter doesn't listen, do not work. Father's education, Chu dedicated schools do a good job, didn't go home during holidays to visit his parents and their children ... ...  

as time went by, the children participated in the work of Comrade Zhu de, began an independent life, he repeatedly told the children: "no matter what, to secure their jobs, what line, which line will have to do well. "" You are all independent, life is also very good, in life, not helping you in the future, but Marty works, I'll give you. "Comrade Zhu de's old age, still study Marxism-Leninism. Whenever the holidays the children came to see him, he would learn with your kids. He told the children to read, I watched and listen to. After reading some children talk about the main idea of this paragraph, do not understand the issues raised, and he contacted the situation and thought of the children, as a layman's explanation, so that children learn at a time, have a new harvest.  

children remember clearly, Chu is often full of confidence, full of hope, earnestly: "Socialist, Communist Yi will prevail in the world, is the beacon of Marxism and Leninism. "Until death before his education of grandchildren:" why do people live? To live is to work, want revolution! "These extremely elegant and undoubtedly with great infection and education for the children, and imprinted in the hearts of children!