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Child is too careless, should parents do

Attend school forgot to do homework, and forgot to pull down the keys after the door into the House, her absent-minded, use find to find all over time. After taking children say, "Hey, this problem will, but he was too careless mistakes......"  

Math: mixed symbols, such as "+" "-"

language: learning the phonetic difficulties, poor reading, spelling, writing run on

English: words spelling errors and so on, these are is exam in the points common of problem, dang asked children exam total appeared of problem of when, parents are will often said "too careless has", but exam is on children carefully, capacity of integrated assessment, analysis children careless of reasons, most parents will think is children learning not seriously, too sloppy, lack on learning of interest, fun,. How to treat children careless parents some of the cognitive misunderstanding:

misunderstandings, one-sided focus on study habits, ignoring things organized.

study on careful habits do not exist in a single, but with the life cannot be divided, and those do absent-minded, incoherent, can't stick to the children, often prone to careless in their studies. Parents should let the child do some of his best since childhood, and little when he packed his own play toy, big point, help wash the dishes.

  myth, parents of any punishment.

for example: copy ten times   daily 50 road junction computation, let the children psychologically tired, loss of interest in learning, too dull repetition incites resentment, speed and reach.

in fact, children with learning, emotional, a great impact on learning. Just when I was at school, every child has the ambition to fight first, but the children's ability to learn there are indeed different in the case of these abilities do not improve, children again, the end result is unsatisfactory. Most importantly, teachers and parents misunderstood him, think he fun, mind is not on learning, doesn't study hard, unfocused, and so on. Criticism from parents, even scolding, so that the child suffered a serious setback, doubts his ability, lack of confidence, although he was sitting at the table, in fact, the heart would fly

myth three, the child learns to subjectively did not seriously.

in fact, for some kids, not that he didn't work hard, but he's unbalanced development of learning ability, the child's auditory perception and visual perception is an important factor affecting ability to learn, which, some of the children said they were careless, they are wrong. Children do not wish to well, but his abilities were not reached.

therefore, for children to encourage and advance praise, let him see, he build up confidence in learning. Mobilizing his initiative, enthusiasm, I prefer appreciation education, let children hearts full of sunshine. In the study, to cultivate a child's reading ability, good habit of reading habits. And the children go out, see what said, for example, he verbally described the supermarket Bookstore, or look at the pictures speak, cultivating his verbal pledge to capacity.

in life, I think parents need to let go a little earlier. Now parents, mouth his dependent children, in fact, is people subconsciously inseparable from their children. Protection of their children, children do have to ask, often arouse the resentment of the children. They swept the children of all. Let the child's ability to live independently is getting worse, and arouse the resentment of the adults. Often hear people saying, "having a smart MOM, there must be a daughter of benzene", is the truth.

therefore, parents must first solve their own reliance on children, cannot be considered without taking care of children, the children will suffer, is not happy. Let your child do things for themselves, doing some chores. Not what parents are taibaodalan. Children will grow up one day, suffered a setback when he was young, with their own efforts, tomorrow will be self-contained. Children to leave their parents ' arms, into competitive society, parents let go sooner, kids mature earlier.

Finally, I would also like to say, to help children maintain a healthy mental, more careful psychological suggestion to the child. If parents repeatedly said careless, slow, children may develop a habit, really think that their own carelessness. Instead, on the parents to look at child care, child psychology has an own "careful" psychological implications. Small children, self awareness, care   around the eye, and parents should put more attention on the advantages of child. Correct careless habit of careful habits, also want to have a good family atmosphere.