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Geography learning methods

One, catch "concept" to "Digest"  

at the time of studying geography, attaching importance to concept learning, to all the geographical concepts one by one to digest, understand and absorb, without leaving any half-cooked rice. Only a clear concept, judgment, reasoning, problem to correct. To set out those particularly confusing concept, one comparing the differences. Such as: objects, and celestial; Corona, and prominence; recently points, and far day points; stars day, and ten Sun day;  angle speed, and line speed; time zone, and district Shi; shortwave radiation, and longwave radiation; cyclone, and air mass; weather, and climate; cold, and cold; mineral, and mineral, and deposit; rock dissolved, and lava; ecological system, and balance, and biological community; geological role, and geological structure; land, and territory; and so on. Of course, the concept of learning is not an isolated, to analyze and solve problems in the process.  , Catch the second "principle" to "understand"  

start from the basics and do a solid, one step at a time "geographic principle" off. As: Earth surface heat distribution not are of reasons; seasons, and five with of produced and divided of according to; sea land thermal differences formed of monsoon and monsoon climate; temperatures and pressure of relationship; elevation and temperatures, and pressure of relationship; air of level movement and vertical movement of causes; water cycle of power and process; forces role and forces of occurred and changes mechanism; balance of conditions; light, and hot, and water, and soil on agricultural production of effect; effect distribution of factors; human and environment of opposites and so on. Master these principles, rules and laws of things there was convincing.

three, focus on "comprehensive" heavy "? quot; 

wholeness and unity of a comprehensive geography, is the relationship among the elements of the environment and their interaction, interdependent relationship. For example, why become the world's largest tropical rain forest in the Amazon basin? Decision not only latitude, atmospheric circulation, topography and structure, and is closely related to ocean currents affect. Why become a typical temperate maritime climate in Western Europe? Influencing factors are many. In many angles, multi-level, all-round, comprehensive analysis of issues, efforts to do the following:

typical training plans to do a comprehensive problem, learning from natural factors into full consideration of economic factors. In this connection, you pay more attention to your teacher or school analysis of typical examples, which accumulate into their knowledge.

environment as a whole, to note the relationship between factors.  

four, and "common" and "personality"  

geography in General, more personalized. Therefore pay attention to the things in common in the learning process summary and analysis of the personality. Nature on land and from the equator to the Poles, and can be broadly divided into rainforests, savannas, tropical desert, temperate forests, temperate grassland, tundra and ice. This is common. But the actual distribution, under the influence of various factors, and latitude, longitude zones, vertical, zonal and azonal. This is the personality. Specific situation may be personality characteristics.

five, catch "antibody" and "laws"  

This is the thinking mode of induction, from the particular geographical, summed up the universality of law. As through observation, analysis Pacific, and Atlantic and India Ocean three ocean of currents system Hou, according to distribution and causes, can antibody out: (1) each ocean are has full of currents system; (2) except India Ocean North outside, the currents in Northern Hemisphere tropical, and subtropical area is clockwise direction (anti-cyclone type) movement, southern hemisphere is anti-clockwise direction movement; (3) in in the, and latitude area, each circulation system of West are is stream, East are is cold. The above conclusion was after through the analysis of three ocean currents, extended out of the universal laws.

six, catch "generally" push "special"

"General" often represent a universal phenomenon, an exception when this phenomenon occurs, there must be specific. So, which is relevant to their local geography, and thus, we can draw the appropriate conclusions. For example, solar radiation in the geographical distribution of the surface is distributed along the Parallels, according to its heat distribution, our globalization is divided into five zones.   Therefore, isotherm, distribution should be along the line of latitude distribution of the terrestrial nature. But in practice, we found that not all their distribution along the parallel distribution, then, what are the reasons? After careful observation and analysis, we found that their distribution and surface morphology, sea-land thermodynamic properties, ocean currents, human activity and so on. Specific analysis, see what is the difference between local and other regions? Special difference determines its uniqueness.

seven, catch, "in contrast to" find "similarities and differences"

geographical study, you will find many similar or similar concepts, principles, laws, and so on. Understand the better method is to use a chart to compare them to identify similarities and differences. As the latitude of Western Europe and North America, why is dominated by temperate maritime climate in Western Europe and North America are dominated by temperate continental climate? To solve this problem, we can control the two district maps, use the table to compare their latitude b pepper man ⒑ ⒌ muscle graft loopholes in box aloft ⒀ AO ⑵  goods, sandwiching yan   que mediums I  di SAC 4 trade-domestic  buck box BA dust I scratch his Fontanelle Yun Gan goods fly snipe a saddle cloth-cooked food man?  

eight, and "operations" to promote "smart"  

geography is made in "double base" is an ability not to be ignored. In order to cultivate and improve the calculation capacity, to do the following classification exercises;

1.   On the scale and map distance and actual distance conversion.

2.  place and area of conversion.  

3.  calculation of absolute height, relative height and contour lines.  

4.  vertical temperature calculations.  

5.  solar angle calculations.  

6.    sidereal time and solar conversion;

7.  calculation of the length of day and night.  

8.  calculation of the population density and the natural population growth rate.  

9.  calculation of percentages.  

through practice, master computational skills, from the calculation results, clarify the nature, characteristics and geographic variation.

nine, and "read" that "space"  

map with images and Visual effects can develop observation, imagination, develop thinking ability and memory capacity, you can further understand geographic spatial distribution and spatial relations of things, space.

in order to cultivate habits of access, mapping maps, requirements:  

1.  book must have a diagram on one by one to understand, to learn to analyze, apply.  

2. Fully using Atlas, according to requirements and specifications to fill out geographical things.  

3.  both floor plans, elevation drawings, or diagrams, landscape figure, required to draw the outline, to deepen impressions and memories.