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Topic geography location factors review concludes

&Nbsp; , agricultural location factors

1. natural factors

terrain: map reading: terrain is plain or Delta, or flat or flat, open terrain

size: sparsely populated land and ample land rent

climate: map reading: is x climate (rain hot during the same period, light hot water mix well, plenty of sunshine, big temperature difference between day and night)

source: near water sources (rivers or glacier area), adequate water, irrigation facilities

soil: x is the soil, deep fertile soils or soils more fertile

2. human factors

market: population density or the mining industry developed in the area or the city more, the broad market (great impact on commercial agriculture)

access: near a river or a Lake, water and land (land and sea) convenient Confluence or river, inland navigation development (impact on commercial agriculture)

policy: the national policy support (support, encourage)

science and technology: high technology or technology

labor force: densely populated, rich labor, low wages

industry: industrial development, a strong industrial base

3. the natural negative location factors for agriculture

flooding, drought, Typhoon and spring temperature, cold wave and other weather disasters; insufficient, such as heat, light, water, soil fertility, high pH


⑴ location factors of commodity grain base in Northeast China: ① the vast plains, farmland contiguous, conducive to large-scale mechanized operations; second, the soil is fertile, deep soil (or the fertile black soil), ③ temperate monsoon climate, abundant sunshine and hot rainy period about mountain water around the ring, ample water for irrigation. ⑤ people much less land yield; f communications, road and rail network density; sadly, China's large population, greater demand for food, China has a vast market; h State policy support; Krispy Kreme liaozhong South heavy industry base of mechanized equipment.

b qinhuai-line South rice planting of location factors: ① subtropical monsoon climate, light hot sufficient, precipitation rich (Sichuan basin water hot sufficient); II River many, irrigation water sufficient; ③ terrain flat, soil fertile, and deep (Yangtze River middle and lower reaches of has rice soil, Sichuan basin has purple soil); II traffic convenience, market broad; ⑤ population dense, labor resources rich; ⑥ cultivation history long, traditional experience rich.

"thinking"   hills of Guangdong and Guangxi agricultural region which is the main one? What is the advantage of this type of agriculture for regional development? From the perspective of potential land-use and development in the region?

Second, industrial location factors

1. natural factors

ingredients: near the origin of raw materials abundant raw materials-raw materials to industrial

energy: near a power origin (such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, hydro and wind energy ... ), The energy sufficient-power point

land: flat, open land, to plant

source: near rivers, lakes, or precipitation, adequate water

2. economic factors

market: densely populated or densely populated market (the market points to the more obvious)

transport: Sea seaports, river or lake or River Junction, near the railway highway or airport, convenient

labor force: densely populated, rich labor resources-labour-intensive industries

technology: developed in or around universities or research institutes in science and education, workforce, technology-intensive

agriculture: near bases, or agricultural areas, strong agricultural base, or agriculture is developed

3. social factors

national policy: the national policy support, encourage, and changes in national policies (employment factories located in the unprofitable location; Western development for narrowing the economic gap)

national security: a defense need

individual behavior (or preferences): as overseas Chinese, overseas investment

industry inertia: consider moving costs or Government or out of considerations for local economy

4. environmental factors

wind: factory of the heavily polluted atmosphere, prevailing wind direction wind zone in the city, or on the sides perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction site selection; in the monsoon regions, decorated in local minimum frequency of wind direction wind zone

water: wastewater plant layout away from water or away from the upper reaches of the River area water works layout of water upstream in the neighbourhood or area in the upper reaches of the river

distance from residential areas, farmland near: covering an area of lesser polluting industrial layout in urban areas; with larger, less contaminated industrial layout in urban or peri-urban areas of serious pollution to control large, appropriate layout in suburbs far from urban or suburban

environment: allocation should stay away from ecologically fragile areas

"code cases"   ⑴ Wuhan development steel industrial of location conditions: ① from iron ore district near: has Daye iron ore; II energy sufficient: has gezhouba and three gorges of hydropower, from North energy base also not far; ③ water full: has Yangtze River and HANJIANG River; II terrain flat; ⑤ industrial based good; ⑥ enjoys developed: has Yangtze River and the HANJIANG river water, Beijing-Guangzhou line North North-South, Highway extending in all directions; sadly geographic location superior: central economic zone of Center, regional collaboration conditions good, market very broad ; H technology and culture developed, high quality workers.

b Tianjin development marine chemical of advantage conditions: ① raw materials sufficient: near has national maximum of Saltworks-the-the long Lu Saltworks; II energy rich: near has kailuan coal mine, and North oilfield,, and has unified grid; ③ terrain flat open; II coastal traffic convenience, foreign contact convenient; ⑤ population, and city intensive, close consumption market; ⑥ relies on Beijing Jin, back "three North", regional collaboration conditions good; sadly national policy support.

"thinking"   header "Prairie steel city," said, what is the development of the iron and steel industry the advantage position? What are the limiting factors?

third, the urban location factors

1. natural factors

terrain: contour chart interpretation: flat, open terrain

climate: hosted by the question what is climate, concluded that moderate precipitation, moderate temperatures and

rivers: from map reading River follows: transport: intersection, crossing point of the River, estuary, river's start or end point, convenient II water supply function: near rivers, adequate water or rich

2. socio-economic factors

natural resources: read somewhere if there was some kind of natural resources in or near a certain natural resources

transportation: from map reading map in somewhere close to railways, roads or highways, ports or terminals, and a variety of modes of transportation interchanges and convenient

agriculture: local agriculture as the Foundation of a strong

other factors follows: whether it is political, religious, military II is tourism, science and Technology Center (new)

"code cases"   Chongqing City development of favourable location conditions   ① location superior: is located in Yangtze River and jialing River convergence at, water sufficient, and water convenience; II natural conditions superior: climate warm wet, water hot sufficient, terrain flat, soil fertile; ③ agricultural developed, property rich; II industrial based strong; ⑤ technology education more developed, labor resources rich and quality high; ⑥ national policy offers, has West big development of opportunities,.

"thinking"   what are the conditions of panzhihua city? Analysis of steel city southwest of this beneficial location factors for development.

four, lines of location factors

1. natural factors

topography and Geology:

① plain: less restricted, less well, deal with the relationship between construction of farmland water conservancy, urban development

② mountain: along the contour of the building as far as possible, try to avoid the complex landforms and geological conditions of the area (tunnel to avoid faults, built on the steep slopes "of"-shaped bend or tunneling)

hydrology: avoid swamps, try to avoid crossing rivers, reducing the total length of the bridge construction, investment,

climate: aware of torrential rain, high winds, intensity and frequency, permafrost, snow depth, pore size, embankment height of bridge and culvert in accordance with local storm intensity to design

2. economic factors

⑴ rational distribution of traffic and transport, to promote economic development along

b basic direct-oriented direction railway and highway line road, and due regard for the important economic points along through the city from the city edges (mitigating the impact on traffic in the city)

c local roads such as darts, are mainly to meet the needs of local economic development and residential, could do with a local settlement, station, wharf, etc

3. social factors

① to consolidate national defense, strengthen national unity and promote economic development in minority areas or the old revolutionary

II development of resources, promote economic development along

③ borders railway, highway, highway to promote development of the foreign trade (development of border trade)

"example"   railway   ① rational distribution network (mitigation of the North-South railway transportation, activate the national railway network); Secondly, promote economic development in areas along the ③ maintain the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong about advanced science and technology is the assurance.

"thinking"   Qinghai-Tibet Railway has been completed across the tracks, from political, economic, social and other aspects of its significance to the Qinghai-Tibet region.

v, point location factors in transportation network

(a) the port location

1. natural conditions

water conditions (conditions of navigation): contour key-river deep water, space, ease of navigation and berthing

Harbour: a refuge from the storm

land condition (building conditions): plain or Delta-flat terrain, the slope is appropriate, geological stability, anchor space

2. socio-economic conditions

hinterland: (port services) economic development, radiation range, large catchment (affecting the rise and fall of the port)

cities: a big city or a city relying on, for ports to provide human, financial, and material advantages

national policy: policy support, such as a free trade port, opening in Hong Kong

"example"   Shanghai port location: ① advantageous natural conditions: located in the estuary of the Yangtze River, the center of the city, the coastal route, a river port, the harbour both; the Yangtze and the Huangpu River for ports to provide adequate freshwater and berthing space; Delta flat open, building conditions in Hong Kong. II broad economic hinterland and developed, the traffic is very convenient; three parts, a Shanghai based on human, physical, financial advantage.

"thinking"   Tianjin Binhai New area's favorable location factors is? what is the significance of the development of new, open?

compared with Shanghai, Xingang building what are the favourable and unfavourable conditions?

(b) the bus stop location

bus station location selection of general principle is to maximize the convenience of visitors, namely: ① road is wide, the, internal and external transport links, and convenient second flat terrain large c project.

(c) the location of the airport

1. natural conditions

terrain: flat, open, slope properly to ensure drainage

geological: there are good geological conditions, ground stability, solid

climate: few clouds, strong wind and heavy rain days

2. socio-economic factors

transportation: you want to have a friendly contact in the city

economy: in the economically developed areas will be built

six hydroelectric station location analysis

water: climate, dry and wet areas, River supply, basin or catchment area (by the river where interpretation)

drop: relating to or situated on the terrain and through contour lines step transition

development: geology, geomorphology (on the topographic maps are generally located in the Canyon, in order to reduce the amount of investment and Engineering; Foundation of firm, solid, less geological disasters; same as the reservoir site).

seven, the dam's location selection

1. selected narrow rivers or basins, low export-reason: Valley project of small, low cost basin, lowland terrain built reservoir capacity

2. the geological conditions of the place, try to avoid the faults and karst landform-reason: prevention induced by earthquakes, landslides

3. given the State covers an area of relocation, to minimize the inundated farmland and villages

eight, the satellite launch site location analysis

1. natural factors

weather conditions: sunny, atmospheric transparency, facilitate the observation of satellite tracking

muzzle velocity: the speed of Earth's rotation low-latitude, speed (such as in the construction of Hainan Island satellite launching site); high latitude, initial velocity is small.

the same latitude, high altitude and velocity, velocity reduces initial launch velocity (energy related)

terrain: broad, easy tracking of satellites to observe.

energy: the eastward launch, save energy

2. human factors

population density: sparsely populated or sparsely populated and does not interfere with life

convenient: our four convenient space base

national security: Xichang, the most prominent

aerospace industrial base better: Taiyuan

location analysis of nine, satellite land base

weather conditions: sunny, high transparency of the atmosphere, easy tracking of the spacecraft.

terrain: flat, open terrain, little River Canyon to spacecraft or crew safety and ease of target search

population density: sparsely populated or sparsely populated and does not interfere with life

10 location analyses, development of marine aquaculture

1. the wide continental shelf, the shallow, water temperature, and sunlight is beneficial to biological photosynthesis

2. River or runoff into the sea bringing rich in organic matter and nutrient class

3. the intersection of cold and warm water stir or pan on the winter waters, rich in nutrient class

11, the Mall location analysis

optimal: the geometric center of the city, business activity range-  retail-oriented

optimal traffic: urban ring road or highway edge or corner, convenient-  wholesale

business area: optimal convenience-built in the residential area, made up of multiple operating points

"example"   of Wuhan business centre location:

cyclophosphamide is the economic center of central cities, and heavy industries developed, there is a steady supply of goods;

II area is heavily populated, urban concentration, consumption and wide market;

third, sea and land transport facilitation: the Yangtze River and HANJIANG river confluence, the Beijing-Guangzhou line North-South, the Yangtze River communication routes.