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High school geographical principle of four-word pithy formula

First, phases of the moon change: "haha, next thing."

"sissy" refers to first quarter moon (lunar seven or eight) appear in the sky cleared towards mid-night West, lunar surface towards the West. "The next thing" refers to the Moon (lunar 22 and 23rd) the after midnight Eastern time, months faced East.

Second, the direction of rotation of the Earth: "from West to East, North Lam soon".

the Earth's rotation direction is from the West to the East. Observation from above the Earth's North Pole, counterclockwise from observations over the South Pole of the Earth, showing clockwise rotation.

third, the speed of revolution of the Earth: "as soon as a far slower, long summer and winter".

the Earth goes around the Sun orbit nearly circular elliptical orbit the Sun at one focus of the ellipse. According to Kepler's third law, the distance of the Earth from the Sun, orbits faster; the farther away from the Sun, the slower revolution. In early January, the Earth at perihelion, the revolution's fastest, belongs to winter in early July, the Earth at Aphelion, revolution speed of the slowest, belong to our summer.

four, deflection force of Earth rotation: "left North right South, Equator is not biased".

due to the rotation of the Earth, objects moving horizontally on the surface of the Earth, its direction of movement is a certain deflection. In the northern hemisphere, left, and right in the southern hemisphere, on the Equator does not deflect.

when he was five, local (area) calculation: "given the time difference, reduce East and West".

longitude is different, different places. As the earth rotates from West to East, at the same latitude, location than position relative positions on the East side of West the place to see the Sunrise, so moments earlier. Calculation in two steps: (1) according to every 15 degrees of longitude difference in time 1 hour, every 1 ' 4 minutes of longitude and calculate time difference between the two places, (2) time = time minus the time difference is unknown. If the unknown East of the time at a known time, adding if time unknown in the West of the known time, subtract.

VI comparison of high and low pressure: "high low, high and low".

comparison of high and low pressure in the vertical direction, in line with the "low on high" principle that the higher up the mountains, at higher altitudes, the air is thinner, lower pressure; the lower the air pressure higher. Horizontal comparison of high and low pressure, isobaric surface bends, in line with the "up-and-down" principle, that is, bend pressure for high pressure, level to bend for low voltage.

seven, the direction of motion of the ocean circulation: "two 8 character on under counter Shun."

global ocean circulation is divided into two large circulation: one is centered on subtropical low latitude circulation in, the second is to high-latitude circulation in the subpolar-centric. In the southern hemisphere to write a "8" to control its direction of motion, both the "8" is bounded by the equator. Each "8", above the circle counter-clockwise, may mean that the middle and high latitudes of the northern hemisphere circulation direction of motion in the middle and low latitudes and the southern hemisphere circulation below the circle clockwise, indicates the direction of low latitude circulation in northern hemisphere campaign.

eight North India monsoon circulation direction: "summer and winter b p, Xia Shundong inverse".

in North India ocean waters, under the influence of monsoon, a monsoon currents. Blow in the summer southwest monsoon, ocean currents flow in a clockwise direction, like the letter "p" winter blow northeast monsoon, ocean currents flow is counterclockwise, like the letter "b". Expressed in the letter segment of monsoon winds, arc said the flow of ocean currents, direct, easy to understand.

nine or eight planets: "Golden fire, wooden sky".

the eight planets arranged in order of distance from the Sun from near to far: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

10, contour map of the interpretation: "high low convex, convex lower."

"convex high low" refers to a set of values in the value the lower protruding into the high line height, terrain lower than in adjacent areas of the region, to the Valley: "Bay lower high" refers to a set of contour values in the high protruding into the leave without pay, the terrain in the area higher than in adjacent areas, as Ridge.