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Social material rich ≠ spoiled child

Britain gave the world the impression France writer Jules Verne's novel, around the world in 80 days, the protagonist in the feiliyafuge, is a stiff, strict compliance with the rules of the United Kingdom a gentleman.

over the years, we believe that the United Kingdom's education must be well-behaved. Modern Britain attaches great importance to training children to be brave and patient personality, they understood that courage is one motivation for the initiative and enterprise.  

United Kingdom parents often take their children to the adventure, deep into nature, and survive in a hostile environment, objective is very clear, is to exercise your child's mind and a brave spirit, personality ready for the future life.

United Kingdom parents believe that spoiling children is harmful to the child, so the cultivation of family education in the sense of a special focus on children. When children are very young parents will let kids try to do things in life, undressing as they eat, they wear pants, their room for self service.

United Kingdom is in the ownership of private cars is high, many families have their own car, you can easily transport their children to and from school. However, the United Kingdom's parents are less likely to drive their children, they are kids carrying their own bags on foot or ride a school bus to school.

Britons on the bus met the elderly, the disabled and pregnant women will be active seat, but they alone do not give the child seat, Britons believe kids need exercise, should encourage the children to be independent.