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Approaching Germany a "good education"

As we all know, Germany is the trigger of world war two "culprits". The good news is, Germany capable of profound reflection on this period of history at all levels, and therefore attached great importance to the child of good quality training, and as Germany integral part of education.

cruelty to animals

love smaller animals are many Germany children receive "good education" the first lesson. Children just learning to walk, Germany family specially for baby on a dog, cat, rabbit, small fish and other small animals, and let the child in personal care small animal in the process, learn to tenderly care for vulnerable life. Kindergarten also raise a variety of small animals, the children took turns are responsible for feeding, also asked the kids to observe the animal's growth, development and game conditions necessary to make a good "keeping records". After the official admission of the children, they often appear in the composition of small animal portrait, excellent text recommended by the teacher to model essays published in poster. In addition, using his savings of pocket money to "adopt" the animals in the Zoo or in saving endangered animals are also Germany pupils ' favorite activities.

Germany's schools also generally work on "treasure your life" discussion or writing contest. A 13 year old boy with loving tone, record gave him a bird for healing, and later to release process, the paper won the school's "treasure your life essay contest" in first place. In contrast, abuse small children light of an animal subject to criticism or discipline, you may be subject to adult penalties, if the effect is not obvious, may also be sent for mental treatment, because it is more important than grades landslide "moral issues".

Germans in this context is not a molehill – an increasing number of Germans have such a consensus: takes delight in cruelty to animals as a child child, grew up to be more violent tendencies.

sympathetic to the weak

compassion, helping the weak German children "good education" another important element. Adult community advocacy, encouragement, kids help the blind, old people cross the street already bullish for disabled students to solve problems are nothing new.

Frankfurt has a child violently will come begging for Rover to drive out, specially convened a family meeting with the whole family. Inspire children seriously and patiently: Rangers despite the dress down and enjoy the same human dignity. Children understand a truth: admire the strong may be understandable and sympathetic to the weak is the embodiment of a good heart. Later, this Rangers humiliated children invited to as guests, adults who are supported without reservation.


"tolerance" by the Germans generally identified as a person of "good quality". A 7-year-old girl named Shirley was at his birthday party friend Maeve felt face unprovoked rejoins, and trying to get back to release the heart hatred. But later in his mother's persuasion, she learned through the talk and Maeve: Maeve was feeding the rabbits died suddenly, feeling very depressed, so avoid "insulting." After some "empathy", the Shelly kindly forgive Maeve, the profound friendship of the two small partners.

reject violence

the children were a "good education", Germans also attached great importance to "teachers by negative example" role. For those schools around the school campus bullying called "Bully" school opposition very clear. It is understood that, where 2 demerits are still unrepentant "Bully", the school determined to be fired, followed by the "delinquent juvenile correctional departments" to discipline.

for frequent violence in the television program, both teachers and parents, pay attention to guide their children to "critical" eye look.

Germany sophisticated manufacturing weapons of the world famous, but the Germans are not agree with toy manufacturers to develop high-tech "toys of violence", but does not support the children (especially boys) and toy guns and tanks to surround. Germany researchers have found more evidence: toys for hours as often "simulated killing", can there be peace when she grows up. Some federal lawmakers also pointed out: Germany boys with toy guns and partner is less "wise" move. Perhaps also prevent Germany a repetition of the "history"!