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Japan's alternative "developed right brain" parenting

Right brain development is primarily responsible for controlling feelings and imagination, if children can consciously strengthen their right brain in early childhood development, on adult children's creativity can play a positive role. Meanwhile, right brain development can also be further development of the left brain. To this end, Japan childhood education experts have designed a variety of proven "right brain development" of new methods.

matching game

children 1 year and a half, it can play the mating game: spread several sheets of letter cards, let the children match the 2 letters of the same card. If a child to mix 2 different letters of a similar shape, images can be corrected at the same time to point out their differences. For example, in explaining the letter b, can be portrayed as a baby's ear. As children grow older, gradually develop the mating game as "classified." For example: you can ask about 2 years old children pictures of the different positions of the same animal pair.

observing clouds

on a clear day, with children observing the clouds in the sky, inspired the children to see different shapes of clouds as animals, fairies, Angels, etc. Japanese people generally agreed that this is the easiest to use nature's good way to teach children the right brain.

look up at the stars

children looking up at the stars, telling "the Cowherd" class legends, requiring children to open wings at the same time, his own story about the Moon or the stars. Experts believe that imagine itself is a kind of "right brain gymnastics."

small guess

cover children familiar with most of the pictures of animals and plants, let the children guess what animal or plant. This helps to improve their ability to infer.

use the left

because of the left part of the body's activities are directed by the right brain, left eye, left ear means exercising the right and left hand. Might as well let the children a lot of training, "left field"; left ear wear headphones to listen to music or stories; conscious things, do things with my left hand.


vision, hearing, and language of the "multimedia" especially helpful in developing a child's right. Kindergarten teacher, often using multimedia, continuously in 1 hour for kids insect, flower pattern, interspersed with songs, language, stories and other language stimulation. However, the "multimedia" must be divided into smaller units (such as every 3 minutes, and then rest for 1 minute) because child care is hard to same interested for a long time.

experience fresh

old and try not to let the child go down the same road, old looking at the same book, old play with a smaller partner. May wish to send their children to kindergarten intends to change course, selecting books for their children may wish to type more, efforts to create conditions so that children have the opportunity to make a variety of personality and interests of the children. Benefits of new experiences activate the right brain function.

pay attention to talent

train children in chess, musical instruments, painting, origami, flower arrangements and other aspects of talent, is also a positive development of the right brain activity.