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United Kingdom education for rebels

Under the United Kingdom a proposal presented to Parliament by the Ministry of the Interior, deterring the students truant parents will be fined, the amount of the fine increased from £ 1000 to £ 2000 who refuses to appear before the respondent's parents will be in prison, and a maximum term of 3 months.

United Kingdom Home Secretary Jack Straw said in explaining the new proposal, United Kingdom the growing phenomenon of student absenteeism has been against social security, and the courts in dealing with truancy cases 80% parents did not appear. So they determined to eliminate United Kingdom students ' phenomenon of playing truant.

new measures will ensure that the student's parents appear in court for parents who refuse to appear in court, prison is the appropriate punishment.

in the United Kingdom, has more than 50,000 students absent from school every day, and local education agencies to court truancy cases nearly 9000 a year. It is estimated that the United Kingdom Government will spend £ 1 million to student truancy case Justice handler. This is not a small expense.