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Germany: transmission from generation to generation of toys

Children's thinking is the most wonderful, you pick a figurative thing, he will give you a description you can't even imagine. So, Germany's kindergarten, apart from children must know things, kids toys can be said to be of more use to imagine my things.

remember when Leo4, art from kindergarten to take home one of his own making: the seaside Chronicle of a canning jar. Bottle with a blue and Yellow clay represent the sea and the beach, the sea, a half of champagne corks and a red sail is made of red paper waves along; on the beach, with 32 small shells upside down, close the bottle, full of dense bundles of grass. After the grass was green paper cut from on the uneven trim marks, can still see traces of the children just learning to use a pair of scissors ... ...

in addition to making your own toy, Germans have a great tradition-inheriting toys. Even wealthy families is no exception. In many flea markets, families of the children have grown up going to an auction of their toys, and shoppers, there are many adults buying for his own. Because in Germany, some of the toys are additions from generation to generation, like a train or some brand of Castle. So, in flea markets, they are likely to have an unexpected benefit--can find some tracks that are broken, less accompanied by himself on the Castle gates.

This reminds me once, she took out a box. Opened it, even my husband Stefan was a child's toy. Now plug the spell still popular LEGO toy and more than 50 more Smurfs. Wearing a variety of small animals is from the hand of the child's clothes. She said, who was Stefan craft.

so, Leo's old toy from my husband and I inherited, even my mother as a child, such as a sled, and Stefan grandfather do it.

everyone knows Germany toys expensive, good quality, and many toys have traditions. Because of good quality and handed down may be great, not only refers to the problem of spending money, and more importantly give children a childhood imagination--parents and their games. Sometimes, parents will play together again, that the fun is endless.

"before, it was dad's toys, now belongs to me. "Leo always said so. Strange is that Leo has no concept of old and new. Children album also makes Leo Stefan put it down. A small FAT bear story, Stefan when using scissors to cut out bears on the title page, and don't know why only half of it cut, would not cut. "Daddy why cut little bear? "Right now, the price became Leo's main problem of this book. "Dad really naughty as a child. "At last, the little guy says.

sometimes, some natural, what were you as spam but treasured by children. For this reason, many families are going to make a cornucopia of the room as a child.

LEO small of when, we home of living room in except four yangbacha of rubber bear, or inverted in sofa leg side of cloth monkey those serious son toy outside, in near window at, heap full has he of treasure: has from garden in picked to of feathers, has from bunker in find to of stone child son, also has from game field with back of branches...... These obscure things in the eyes of children consisting of numerous fairy tale world.

also, German selected toy also has a important of standard: Toy not only to a a people play of, but to everyone play of, that is, toy should can makes family sitting around table side, should can let children and other people each other tie, toy also should is inspired wisdom of, and can in any occasions convenient using, even in restaurant, in train Shang, are the can let children has everything, and not boring.