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United Kingdom family table of education for children

United Kingdom family known as "as a classroom table" tradition, from the child to the table since the first day, parents begin to tangible or intangible "meal education", aims to help children develop good eating habits, good dining etiquette, with their admirable qualities or character.

encourage child meals

when the children grow up to one and a half years until the age of one, like eating soup with a spoon to eat vegetables. Most United Kingdom parents believe that their child wants to feed herself, marking a "personality", completely should be positively encouraged.

put an end to the partial eclipse, fussy British generally think one Eclipse, picky habits are caused by early childhood parents indulge, Eclipse, and they pay special attention to early childhood food, such as children yelling when they shrugged off the other dishes to eat certain food, parents tend to put the dishes away. Because in the United Kingdom's parents, accommodation for children on the table, will not only affect children comprehensive intake, adequate nutrition, and can make the child capricious, selfish, difficult to control everyone's annoying personality.

learn table manners

United Kingdom began when the child was two years old learning table manners, all learned at the age of 4 eating etiquette.

a slightly larger (5 years) before the meal the children were happy to lay the table, Doing the Dishes tableware can do chores. This can relieve the burden of parents on the one hand, on the other hand also gives children a sense of participation.

attention to environmental education

five or six-year-olds should know what is made in recycling "environmental protection tableware" and which environmental pollution by plastic bags may be "permanent." Before the outing, made under the guidance of their parents drink, buy cans ready-made food as little as possible, and that save water and electricity, because they understood that "abuse of resources means that the protection against".