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Learning disability training

Learning disabilities, pupils of poor social skills, it is difficult to take the initiative with people, have a communication disorder. They are not good at expressing your own views and opinions, coupled with poor grades, often mocked by classmates and played tricks on; their mood easily irritable, angry, reckless, and students clashed.

teachers should be based on characteristics of pupils ' communication disorder, to provide specific guidance on communication strategies and skills, giving opportunities for imitation and behavior shaping methods, for changing a previous communication, cultivate a new mode of cognition and communication, and improve the predictive power of their communication behavior. Specifically, the teacher should take the following correcting links to training in learning disabilities:

1, learn how to observe.

children with learning disabilities to other students as an example, observe their behavior can be "imperceptible" impact on them, change their communication behavior.

2, simulated training.

teachers with specific communicative situations to explain interpersonal rules and techniques, for students to practice, and to correct problems in practice.

3, contact practice and reinforcement.

first, teachers should start students interest in the class, helping students with learning disabilities, and make friends with them, but also to encourage students and other students with learning disabilities, learn to live in harmony with it. Secondly, teachers should help shape the technology to give students proper feedback and reinforcement. Teachers can and learning obstacles students made contacts training agreement, dang students in provides term within reached contacts training of target Hou, give its must of award; instead, dang students made not appropriate of behavior Hou, must repeatedly practice those and this improper behavior Instead of right behavior, to this elimination interference sex behavior of effect, necessary Shi teachers also can canceled a species award or recovered must number of generation currency.