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View of the American family and fathered a son

Attention to give kids autonomy, was encountered by children to solve their own problems.

United States child with MOM sleeping apart from infancy, two or three children lived their own rooms. Parents who are just your child's safety, other things in life as well as playing, learning by children themselves, independent, self select. For example, kids have had their own place to store clothes, toys and school supplies, wash room, arrangement, arrangement of their own "small world", the parents never do anything for the child, reminders, by most staff. United States child at home is the master, not only to participate in family activities, and participation in decision-making in family events, such as buying what kinds of cars, household appliances, computers, how to decorate a room, how to utilize and beautify gardens parents listen to children's views. Many children together with their parents to do whatever chores, such as clean up the yard, planting flowers and trees, washing the car, doing indoor and outdoor health, shopping and so on. There was a girl because the room is always messy, MOM set a Protocol: each weekend cleaning your own room before dinner, finish, usually before the day's end to put items away, develop, pay attention to the cleanliness of good habits. Mother by Protocol no longer talk at length.

for child's play and interested activities, parents never forced the children to do, but to respect for the child's own wishes, allow children to spend their free time. Choose what to learn a musical instrument and other interests and skills, parents always give support, encouragement and guidance or help family counselling teachers, or supporting the child to the last skill training courses.

United States most of the parents in children's learning is not under pressure. Their view is that like children will try hard to learn, why do you want to force him to do things that do not want to do that? Forced to do, it will hurt a child's feelings and personality. People's interests, hobbies and talents are varied, and children for doing what we do, way of life allow children to go. Successful parenting, parents should be willing to spend time with their children carried out with equal dialogue, Exchange, and fully affirmed the thoughts and actions of the child, child grows with respect and encouragement.