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Sweden people learn respect for the child's personality

There is an old saying in China: "ex-Godson, teach wife behind." However, in Sweden, approach is the opposite: people without children. The Godson concept and behavior, parents truly reflects the respect for the child's personality.

Sweden saw, we are refreshing. In Sweden people's eyes from birth that day, then to the kids very much respect. They generally agreed that the child is an individual, should have their own independent will and personality, by anyone, including parents have no right to go against the child's will, kill their children's individuality.

Sweden's parents on the child's respect is reflected in the details of life, for example, Sweden when parents talk with children all crouched down, and children on the head "in line". Such actions are intended to tell the child: we are not equal. When parents talk to children, the tone is "moderate", rarely "command" style, was "If you can do that, MOM and I will be very happy," and "you can do it, we were very pleased! "Guidance notes for parents of children in" big box "the freedom to select the correct method or approach.

Sweden respected the child is the most outstanding performance: never taught before people. Sweden generally believe that children have self-esteem, parents under all circumstances, to respect the child's self-esteem, to protect their children's "face". For building their confidence is a shortcut and important ways. Home parents shouted in front of all the children, called "really a loser", "idiot" and "disappointing", and so on, is almost commonplace in the country.

Sweden people think this method of education, it is a crime! Because it will seriously hurt the child's self-esteem, children will have a lifetime of "inferiority". We also found that Sweden parents respect their children's education, and received immediate results: in Sweden, we see kids way to warm and generous, polite, he knew, always switch on the bar way, has a distinct creative spirit and never "fear." This is Sweden parent term "respect" the result.

in Sweden's capital Stockholm Planton, school campuses, engraved with the 18th century United Kingdom philosopher, thinker and educator John Locke's famous remark: "less promoting children the parents fault, more value is the child on his reputation, so be more careful to protect others of their own at home. If parents announced their faults, make them ashamed, the more they feel that his reputation has been cracked down, maintaining his reputation will Dim. "This is probably Sweden people" respect "and" theoretical causes ".

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