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Japan "the kitchen child"

Kids in the kitchen, in the eyes of most parents is dangerous and troublesome thing. But now is said to be Japan places of the hottest games for children is "kitchen"; bookstore selling books were "children's cooking recipes"; department store's appliance unit is "children's kitchen"; television station NHK's popular program "children's cooking."

most popular leisure activities for children

Japan why "one year old chef" "children who grow up in the kitchen" boom? Helped along by the atmosphere from all walks of life, including the early childhood education community, the media, sociology, cooking schools and children's product manufacturers, do household chores in the publicity benefits to children and families.

9 years ago, Japan NHK TV pioneered, open up "line one" children's cooking show, a 97% ratings. Other stations followed suit, launched a similar program, even the tableware company, Tokyo electric power company, Tokyo gas company also opened children's cooking school. Zhihou, NHK launch "genius who is everything", this program consists of a frog puppet and sister, guided a very cute little girl looking for dessert, became the Japan children's favorites.

"cooking for children" and "the kitchen child", becoming Japan most popular leisure activities. Parents came to the school child waiting for chat topic is almost my home school kids in the kitchen this week's news.

weekend is coming, MOM might as well learn the Japanese approach, let our children also "captured" the kitchen.

not do chores for money

Japan has a culinary school in the 40 children into 5 classes, each class is made up of a lead cook, parents watched their children to learn to cook. Well, the plates on the table, we try to eat. Some parents said: "it's delicious. "Some parents faces saying" too salty. "Whether it is praise, and was demoted, after we always laugh into a meeting. Cooking school pointed out that cooking school cooking is second, important is that these children back home, and times of increase in the number of parent helpers, they hate doing housework.

Japan has called the "red Jue cuisine" cooking school family, from the Meiji era to today, the clan during the five dynasties run cooking school. Qian Hui mei, Chi Jue, the current principal of the school, in addition to cuisine outside of school, also in the television show, and has also published many books on cooking. In her view, the growing child, and curiosity about all things are full of exuberant, who in addition to reading, why not "chores" for entertainment?

do the housework is not just an obligation, but also to their expectations. Red rise thousands of Hui mei's second daughter in grade 4 of primary school, has volunteered to clean the room and wiped bed frames and mirrors. Once she took a bit of money to reward her daughter, didn't think daughter cried and said angrily: "I'm not doing chores for money. "Red Jue Chieko beauty was shocked at this sudden remark. Since then, the deficit rise Chieko us chores, her daughter said to her: "MOM, thank you. "This is red Jue Chieko beauty while the children were still very young, he took them into the kitchen to cook successful examples.

safety in the kitchen

Japan mother even said, let the children washing dishes, in fact, allowed him to play in the water, which was one of the kids games close to the House. Sometimes, the child is deliberately dragging its feet, because the water is so much fun. He was all wet and dirty sleeves. Asked why she didn't scold, she says: "enough, mother and son go to the bath, it's not even the best parent-child game? ”

of course, she is not disorder letting children play in the kitchen, she read books about the kitchen, child-rearing, also went to the kindergarten run by "culinary practice" course trainees. Before cooking, food nutrition, kitchen utensils are used to explain to the children, especially choppers and the dangers of fire. However, she argued throughout the cooking process, as long as safety range, entirely by children from the beginning to call the shots.

can do housework more confident

"housework" is everyone a minimum of life, family life, the establishment of relationships of children Foundation.

the Japanese believe that chores are good men, relationships never too bad. Expensive in labor in Europe, America and Japan, even upper-middle-class families are not easy to hire people to help with the housework. If couples are Office workers, almost Labor Day holiday. For them, the labor, does not mean that hard is intolerable. In contrast, car wash, weed, dry clothes, a total of housework a growing family of happy times. Housework is not a sissy thing, it is not something trivial, educationalists. Able to do housework and chores, is a need from an early age, learning the art of living. Applied to the body and facial features of the domestic work is a more balanced than swimming movements, often to do you can get surprising results. Kids knocked on with both hands, playing, rubbing, Lala, also are experiencing pain, bitterness, pride and joy as diverse and rich emotion, this experience can make about their ability to have more confidence.