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Help children to appreciate nature's magic


kids watch you put his hand buried in the soft sand, and then asked her: "mother's hand where? "Maybe she'll clap your hands or try to grab your hand. Then you are lightly covered with sand on her hand, and her sand feels what it's like? (Soft slippery, drying) can also use her toys for her to play in the sand, "hidden hands" and "hand" game.

playing with water

in a watering can filled with water (or you can make a watering can-with a clean milk cartons and drill a few holes in the bottom), encourage your children to observe from the hole into the ground, small flowers or lawn situation, when discussing these things get wet look. If you sprinkle water on her hands, feet and on your own feet, she must think it is fun, you can ask her: "what it feels like? "And to see if the water tank is empty, there is no water came out.

Shadow games

sit with your child in the back where the Sun, waving your hands, let your children see shadows dancing on the floor or on the wall and tell the child: "shadow! It in and say hello to you. "Encouraged her to use her hands to grasp or shadow. You can move your hand shadows to grab her feet and hands; let her fingers apart, feet close together and hand shadow; or, in her favorite stuffed animal Shadow shadow to bite her belly.

"what do you see? ”

This is a children's song, when you read this song when holding your child, so she can be observed from your shoulders.

"clearly, obviously, in my shoulder, clearly, obviously, what do you see? ”

"Daddy, Daddy, I see a red bird"

"clearly, obviously, look at me! ”

you can see the scenery outside to make this song: a big cat, beautiful flowers, fluttering leaves and so on.

this game can not only enhance a child and your parent-child relationship, and to develop her powers of observation.