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Denmark, and Belgium how to educate our children


in Denmark, put the kids out "reset no matter what" is a very normal thing. Denmark's young parents often send their children "resting" napping in the yard outside the home, and only occasionally look down from the upstairs window.

Denmark is one of the European countries, is also one of the world's most famous welfare States. High tax policies supported by welfare to Denmark to provide free education, medical insurance, unemployment benefits and other concessions, social peace and stability, people live without worries, so that Denmark is one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

in addition, compared with other welfare States of Northern Europe, Denmark's more "Advanced", many people think, boy, "alone" to cultivate their sense of independence.

Denmark's young parents are also facing a difficult problem, is that they forget to take their children back. At this time, the police become the best babysitter they would unclaimed for a long time on the streets or sleeping on the lawn of the children sent home.


as a father of a ten-year old, with children going through Belgium and China's education, by contrast, quite touched.

children in Belgium on the primary school Panda elementary school, sounded like a fairy tale in elementary school. Son goes to school every day relaxed, like a fairy tale play a day. No homework, half of the course is to get their hands dirty making molds. Teachers often take the children on outings, visits museums. Son about Napoleon, the second world war, the Gulf war, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and so on, very familiar. Well, I don't know, for a-grade pupils, are these common sense is more important than the multiplication mental arithmetic speed is more important.

Panda primary school son often organized party, kids dancing, performances, free, wrong not nervous. After the son returned home, the situation is different. He completed a lot of classroom work and homework, as with most children on weekends to go to cram school, every day is exhausting. Think about the career he had easily, I also can't help but if there are any regrets.

see parents urging kids to do their homework as long on patience. They encounter some difficult things in daily life, they quickly arranged. Remember in Belgium during the time, a ride with a friend to go on outings, their son's bike suddenly broke down, kids just took his car, checked the told us that the chain and dislocation. His father said, let us wait and fix it. Friends leisurely chat and idly watch the scenery with us. Half an hour later, friend looked at it in the past, he has put on the dislocation of the chain. Friends turned by hand pedal, qualified acceptance, they greeted us on the road.

in fact, son of the heart, universally the same. Traditional, economic, social and cultural background of different, resulting in parents of the love child of the two places. As a father, I think the ideal education is Oriental-style constraints combined with Western open. Of course, the key is our education should enable the child to learn to cope with everyday life, learning to sense of life's pleasures.