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Europe: take the kids to go to a disco!

Hot dance disco, sounds like just an adult thing to do, but the United States and United Kingdom pop up a new trend – to take their children to "baby loves disco" disco disco. Open Ballroom designed for both children and their parents first appeared in the United States, then brand started in the United Kingdom appears in the future intend to enter Sweden, and Denmark, and Norway, and Finland and Poland markets.

children and adults love

according to reports, the "baby loves disco" the thinking behind this concept is that--parents and children rarely truly interested in the same event: get children excited to play their games in the Park, and the parents on the sidelines is boring; either parents feel like shops, children become anxious. "Baby loves disco" as a dance floor that open in the afternoon, had separated children from 6 months to 7 years old, guarantee the DJ as the children play their favorite music, and let them enjoy in other children's activities, unable to enjoy the good times.

dancing tired playing jigsaw puzzles

"baby loves disco" disco, children with professional dance instructor-child disco, how can adult dance fit. After the children learned to dance, always wait to pull parents hand and rushed into the floor, showing new things to good! Tirelessly they can usually jump on for a long time. If you feel tired, they can also go to the lounge area small and medium, there are healthy snack foods – rice cakes and fresh fruit juices, as well as specially prepared for children's picture books and puzzles. Parents say: "this kind of combination is suitable for our children. ”

Madonna is also preferred

to date, United Kingdom every "baby loves disco" overcrowding, executives hope that this boom attracted to those parents who are very sensitive to popular elements, to achieve it in the United States of the heat. It is reported that in the United States, children's disco attracted many celebrities, including United States comedian Jerry Seinfeld and pop diva Madonna. "Baby loves disco" branded head Pablo Escobar said, "when the outside gets colder and, when it is also dark, what seems difficult to exercise can make for family members and do it. ' Baby loves Disco ' solves this problem, children and adults have fun! ”