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Denmark family home childcare in kindergarten can be a family

Denmark's "family kindergartens" kindergarten is at home, organizers are nurses and teachers in kindergarten. Family kindergartens located in the residential area from 6 o'clock to 6 o'clock in the morning to the evening, children can also be half boarding care, few unaccompanied children can also Park. Family nurseries supply the children three meals a day, and offers activities, toys and games facilities. As a rule, a family of no more than 4 to 5 children enrolled in kindergarten, dusk, this number limit ensures that every child can get meticulous care and a good education.

Denmark family kindergartens all over urban and rural areas, families within a community of kindergarten constitute an interconnected system, administered by the Community Office. Community Office of Inspector is responsible for guiding, monitoring and coordinating the entire system operation. Inspectors must have at least three years and theoretical learning and practical training related to the education of the child. Typically, an inspector in charge of 50 children, their specific: check whether families have organized nursery conditions receives applications for admission of their children parents; parent meetings held hearings; working family kindergartens, to provide expertise and professional training coordinating kindergarten parents and family relationships, and so on. Kindergarten to prevent all families go their and Inspector's family kindergartens are divided into several groups. Team members gather once a week, pass information to each other, sharing experiences, exchanging toys or planning of joint activities between the groups.

kindergarten is not part of the family charity, held profit purpose, but their income does not come entirely from the children's parents. The mid-80, parents bear the full cost of the 35%, and the rest by local governments and the Federal Government share, and master 1/3 of income without paying taxes.

family kindergartens with the formal preschool education institutions clearly inadequate, as baojiao staff lack professionalism, children playroom is smaller, and so on. But it also has its own advantages, such as the residential area, children can be close to the Park; the park environment similar to their family environment, children feel natural, easier to adapt; admission has fewer children, each child may be subjected to intensive care; low fees, and so on. Therefore, family kindergartens as a complement to formal educational institutions, in Denmark is very popular with parents.