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See United States sex education for young children

In the United States, the parents of gender differences in young children is very important, young mothers will carefully choose men and women, sometimes as a result of color patterns, they also would not trust to ask the salesperson for fear of wrong. Those to be held in the hands of the baby boy, wearing formal men's briefs, briefs there wrapped in diapers. Their mother said, should let them know that they are boys.

in many nurseries, child care by male and female toilets. In a little girl sitting toilet position pattern and a boy's toilet pose pattern under the sign of, children in and out of the door. Toilet facilities exactly as the regular toilet design, just scaled down. In order to facilitate early childhood recognition, some ladies ' pink walls, ceramic tile, men's toilet is light gray. Children to the Park on the first day, know the toilet is the first task. Preschool teachers are reminded not to go to the toilet is wrong. Sometimes children curious about, such as the boy ran to the ladies find out, teachers not to criticize, just ask them to see what is different.

teach boys to be men, girls are more careful, this United States parents has become the conventional view of child-rearing. If the mother sent her son to kindergarten, children to pester MOM wouldn't let MOM just said to his son: "don't cry, you are the man, man cannot cry. "The boys will be brimming with tears, open your hand.

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