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hrbjiajiao.CN SI Rui tutor consulting a professional tutor in Harbin-Harbin, Harbin English tutor, math tutor, Harbin, Harbin Chinese language tutor part-time tutor in Harbin, Harbin, one-on-one tutoring, scientists teach in Harbin, Harbin elementary school tutor, junior tutor in Harbin, Harbin high school tutor, welcome to contact!
Adhering to the "most complete information, best service" service concept, for parents, in-service teacher and student, and hope that our efforts will give you satisfaction, your satisfaction is our greatest joy!
Our aim is to help students to improve their scientific and cultural knowledge at the same time, teach them interpersonal sense. The student organization to honesty, in the parents, the students responsible, self-reliant spirit, set invisible forces favored, to serve the public. This is a student organization that provide parents with free tutoring, tutoring organization is different from the community. Also for part-time students in the school provides a very good opportunity.
Our slogan is: "parental satisfaction, students at ease"